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Published on November 16th, 2015 | by Ben Southwood


Wünderlust, Deptford

Wünderlust, Deptford Ben Southwood

Summary: It would be easy to just dismiss Wunderlust as a restaurant on a double decker bus, but it's so much more


Mobile Restaurant

Wünderlust is on a big red bus. That’s right: they’ve taken what was ‘The Big Red Pizza Bus’ and turned it into a restaurant. The seats are turned around into comfortable two or four-person booths; there are cool adjustable table lamps for lighting; and otherwise it’s just a unique restaurant.

It’s true that it does bear repeating how great it is to sit and enjoy a meal in the atmospheric upper deck of a retired London bus, and even though it puts quite a space between you and the waiting staff, you never feel ignored. But if you think this would be the places’ only selling point, you’d be wrong.

It has gone all out to justify the (surprisingly painless) journey to Deptford, with the bus, a big bar area which turns into a dancefloor later at night (playing disco into the small hours), and the Austrian/South German food of the Fleisch Mob. (Fleisch, which sounds like flysh, means flesh, pulp, or in this context meat).

Beetroot Salmon

Some of the menu items are very familiar, and familiarly Austrian: Wiener Schnitzel, for example. Some are so German they remind me of summer days spent in Munich beer gardens and on the shores of Lake Constance: pork knuckle included among more surprising others like mussels and beet-cured salmon. Actually we also ate Flat Iron steak and a few British cheeses, so there’s a potential to dine on cuisine from around the world.


All of it was pretty good. The flat iron steak was incredibly tender, and though a nice piece of beef doesn’t usually need flavouring, I think that its chimichurri added a nice flash of garlic and salt. The mussels were extremely seawatery, which pleased my companion very much but not me. The cured salmon was satisfyingly substantial, yet tender, and its mild flavour went well with the zingy refreshing apple slaw. The cheese was good, but it was basically just good cheese bought from somewhere good.

Flat Iron Steak

Though I’m rarely in Deptford, I can imagine myself back at The Big Red or Wunderlust or Fleisch Mob or whatever I should call it, because it’s a good place to be. There’s something inherently fun about eating your dinner on a bus, and they even manage to make it intimate, atmospheric and romantic. What’s more, the bar/club area has a casual, friendly atmosphere that I like. Recommended.


The Wunderlust Bus is located at 30 Deptford Church St every Thursday through Sunday

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