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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Greg Dillon


Village East’s Lunch Collection Service, Bermondsey

Lunch for most Londoners nowadays this is the time of day you either assemble a raft of salad elements you’ve brought in from home in separate zip lock bags or you go out and sink near enough a tenner on an Itsu or three items from Pret.

Village East is not a new place, I remember going there for dinner with one of my sisters where I enjoyed a delightful burger about four years ago so I was keen to visit the former textile factory and domestic residence again to see what had happened in the proceeding years.

The place looked quite familiar, cosy and had a nice feeling about it despite, at 1pm, there being only one other person in there – and it looked like they were there for an interview.  This was not the fault of Village East however, the torrential rain that had come out of nowhere meant no one was straying far from their offices or homes. I had wandered over from More London where I had been spending the day with one of my clients, golfing umbrella in hand that I had borrowed from aforementioned client and watching as my lovely suede ‘client shoes’ were getting wrecked with every step.

Village East Lunch Collection service

My order, a Reuben sandwich with Village sundae had been rang through half an hour earlier and was ready for when I arrived. The Reuben consisted of: salt beef, sauerkraut, Emmental, gherkin, and thousand island dressing. The Village sundae consisted of vanilla & chocolate ice creams, honeycomb, chocolate sauce, fruit coulis and cookie crumbs.

The staff were lovely and welcoming, happy to be receiving someone out of the rain and had a nice manner to them whilst I sat and waited for the food to be bagged before heading into the wet again. It took exactly 8 minutes from receiving the food to being back at the desk I was occupying for the day and in that time I have to say that the sandwich had cooled considerably, the sauce had made the bread soggy and the sundae had begun to melt.

Village East Lunch Service

I cannot fault the sandwich contents though, messy as it was it was a ‘fun’ kind of messy that tasted great, the meat especially was lovely and super tender. In truth they were both still enjoyable, with the sandwich delivering exactly what I needed and in the perfect size but I thought the bags used to transport the food could have been better insulated, especially as the office I walked to was pretty much the main set of offices for workers who might be interested in using this service.

All in all, the place, the people and the food were nice, I just wished I was able to enjoy at the temperature it had deserved without the sogginess.

The call and collect menu is Available from 11am – 4pm Monday to Friday, simply call Village East on 020 7357 6082.

Village East, 171-173 Bermondsey St, SE1 3UQ

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