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Thinking Drinker’s Guide to the Legends of Liquor, Soho

There are not many comedians, if any, that use their favourite tipples as the focal point of their act.  It would seem like a no brainer; especially given most of my funniest stories from over the years have involved alcohol at some point.  This is why the Thinking Drinker’s Guide to the Legends of Liquor, currently playing at the Soho Theatre, drew my attention straight away.

Multi award winning drinks writers and makers of canned craft lager Hobo Beer Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham launched The Legends of Liquor this year after a successful 3 year stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their first show entitled Guide to Alcohol.  The Legends of Liquor carries on the alcohol based hilarity and focuses on famous drinkers throughout the ages, ultimately compiling a list of the top 7 legends of liquor (hint: Margaret Thatcher does not feature).

The show opens with Ben and Tom dressed as apes and shows the evolution into suit clad, martini pouring man.  And so begins an hour of brilliant costume changes, plenty of nudity, and more than a fair share of groan inducing one liners that have me involuntarily laughing out loud time after time.  It’s evident that Ben and Tom have done their research putting this show together, and while some of the ‘facts’ may stretch the truth for comedic value, there are bags of historically accurate ones that are stranger than fiction (e.g. did you know that Samuel Becket used to drive Andre the Giant to school in his pickup truck?!).

Thinking Drinkers

If all the laughs and nudity weren’t enough to persuade you to see the show, then how about a load of free drinks?  Yes, that’s right, free shots of luxury spirits such as CÎROC Vodka, Tanqueray No. TEN gin, and Bulleit Rye whisky are handed out intermittently to showcase the Thinking Drinker’s life mantra “Drink less, but drink better”.

Though the show is aimed firmly at the alcohol enthusiast, even the most evangelical teetotaller will struggle to keep a straight face. Word of warning; audience participation is aplenty, so if you are of a nervous disposition then hide away in the corner.  I made the mistake of sitting within Ben’s eye line and ended up on stage with a face full of makeup and purple wig (don’t ask!).

Legends of Liquor: Intelligent comedy at its best.

Thinking Drinker’s Guide to the Legends of Liquor is at the Soho Theatre 23/12/14, then 27/1/15-29/1/15 before touring other parts of the country.  Tickets priced from £15, over 18s only.  For more information and tickets visit http://www.thinkingdrinkers.com/our-events-2/events/

Soho Theatre, 21 Dean St, W1D 3NE

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