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Published on January 30th, 2015 | by Sophia Longhi


The World’s End Market, Chelsea

The World’s End Market, Chelsea Sophia Longhi

Summary: A simple concept that delivers a wonderful dining experience on the Kings Road


Fresh Local Produce

All the freshness of the market, delivered to the plate in the classy surroundings of a glamorous brasserie. Sound good? Well, that’s the concept behind The World’s End Market in Chelsea. Having visited its sister restaurant in Crystal Palace, it is certainly a concept that works for me – you get to enjoy great service in an elegant atmosphere, with the pick of the market at your fingertips, knowing that whatever you order hasn’t been flown thousands of miles across the globe or tampered with in any way to make it look more ‘appealing’. It’s fresh, locally sourced, real food – and don’t your tastebuds know it.

With an amazing selection of fresh meat and fish, the menu is your oyster – and you should definitely start by ordering some of those! The Colchester Rock Oysters are expertly shucked, without a trace of shell or grit in sight, and they are as big as a big baby’s fist. Served with market sauce, tomato salsa and lemon, they are the sublime taste of the bracing English sea and are delicious with a drop or two of Tabasco.


To start, the tartares come highly recommended, and we try the sea bass with salted capers and gherkin. Served with a poached egg atop, the fish is delicate and brought to life by the punchy capers and lightly vinegared gherkin. The wafer-thin carpaccios also look extremely good, and there is an exciting selection of vegetarian dishes including the white asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, poached egg and parmesan, which almost tempted me away.

The mains selection is refreshingly simple, divided into Fish, Meat and Vegetarian, with a choice of what looks like the world’s best list of sides: creamy garlic spinach, truffle mash potato, gratin dauphinois, grilled corn on the cob, grilled mixed vegetables… not a dud in sight. We try the Seared Yellow Fin Tuna, which is excellent: rather than served as a great slab of tuna (which I do enjoy from time to time) it is sliced into thin strips, its wonderful purple-red flesh splayed out to see, so that each piece could be enjoyed as a light mouthful and its expert preparation appreciated. It’s smoky, charred taste really is eye-rollingly good.

For the meat lovers there is steak every which way you like it, and our choice would be to go the whole hog (or cow) and go for the British T-Bone. I would usually go for a still-beating piece of fillet, but to appreciate the flavour that the delicious bone adds to this cut, I up my grill level to medium rare. Perfect; not a chewy, grisly mouthful to report, the cut provides the tenderness of fillet, with all the grill flavour of sirloin.


The World’s End also provides a full pudding list and, judging by the high enthusiasm from each staff member as they explain their favourite dessert, it isn’t to be missed. We try the Hazelnut and Caramel Cheesecake at our waiter’s request (forced, we were, with our hands tied behind our backs!) and the also very much raved about Chocolate Fondant. Yep, you can’t leave without having one.

It must be said that their drinks are of equal calibre to the food, and throughout our meal we enjoy a perfectly mixed Negroni and a superb Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned, and well-selected wines to accompany our main courses, including the Riesling Dragonstone for the Yellowfin Tuna and the robust Bordeaux Chateau Champs de Gaillard to match the steak.

A simple concept that delivers a wonderful dining experience on the Kings Road, I was certainly a very happy piggy who went to market, and couldn’t dream of running all the way home.


The World’s End Market, 459 Kings Rd, SW10 0LR

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