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Published on June 20th, 2014 | by Lumy George


The Lamb, Chiswick

The Lamb, Chiswick Lumy George

Summary: A chill out spot for anyone, be it single drinkers, dinner daters or fun loving groups.


Leaping Lamb

I think we can all hopefully admit that summer has finally made an appearance. I don’t think one could say it is fully upon us but there has been sufficient positive weather for the t-shirt, shorts and slippers to be dusted off. Having spent the day stuck in meetings with the sun vibrantly beating through the window, the anticipation of finishing and getting down the The Lamb for dinner was high. I had done my prep and knew the outside seating area was a famed highlight of the experience.

Historically The Lamb has been a lively public house with the last owners putting a focus on the wide range of home brewed beers. Things in that respect seem to have changed with a greater focus being placed on a charming relaxed environment coupled with fresh high quality food.

Arriving at The Lamb, the sun seemed to be giving up for the day, the blue sky was still visible but worryingly grey clouds loomed on the horizon. My spirit would not be dented, I strolled in and was warmly welcomed by a gentleman behind the bar. He asked if I’d like to sit inside or out…I chose outside (a decision id later retract). For the time being, whilst looking through the menu and waiting for my glass of Shiraz, I was able to take in this highly spoke about beer garden. Though not a massive space, each table was well spaced meaning it didn’t feel like one was sitting one top of one another. Half the space had large group tables which branched onto each side, whilst the other side had square and round tables capable of sitting four.


The other notable and very important element was the large BBQ section towards the back. During the summer this will be lit and serving dinners such as West Country beef burgers, chicken burgers, German bratwurst and hippy burgers made out of lentils and spinach. I will say this now, whilst the BBQ wasn’t aflame on my visit, I’ll defiantly be revisiting The Lamb to sample its offerings.

As fate would have it, within 5 minutes of being seated the grey clouds made their appearance bringing with them a slight rain drizzle and notably cooler temperatures. I decided to move the party for one inside.

After a short wait, my starter of salt & pepper lemon squid was served. The battered squid was served simply with a mayo dip and lemon wedges. The squid itself had a really light batter on which gave them a crisp finish. This crisp was perfectly contrasted by the firm yet slightly chewy texture of the squid. To be honest, the dish itself was full of contrasting flavours and textures that married well together. Such was evident in the flavour combination, the fresh lemon counterbalanced with the fiery pepper.


My main was selected from one of The Lamb’s monthly specials, slow roast pork belly, braised onion with pear barley and chorizo. Both from a visual and taste perspective, this was a wonderful dish. On the plate, the braised onion with its skin still on provided a rustic feel. Cutting into the pork, the softness was evidence that it had been slow cooked. Upon eating, the depth of flavour again gave away secrets to how it was cooked. Initially one gets a bold hit of flavour created from the grilling of the pork after it’s slow cook. Char marks offered more intense tram lines of flavour which are subtly maintained through the entire mouthful. Whilst visually, the onion adds the rustic feel to the dish, the barley accomplishes this from a flavour point of view. It adds a hearty feel without being boring and dated, with the addition of the warm strong chorizo bringing texture and sweetness. This for my pallet was a little too sweet although I realised that combined with the braised onion, a perfect balance was achieved.

Dessert was a mouth-watering and irresistible salted caramel and chocolate tart. Smooth silky caramel lay on top a rich creamy chocolate filling, which itself lay upon a dark chocolate biscuit like base. Rock salt was sprinkled onto of the caramel to provide a contrast to the sweetness. Due to the size of the salt rocks, they slightly over powered the dessert, leaving a far too strong taste of salt of the pallet. This was the only real negative to my experience but with slight refinement, this dessert had the potential to be a fitting end to the meal.

I must commend the guys at The Lamb. Firstly they have created an atmosphere in this pub which isn’t pretentious. Rather it offers a chill out spot for anyone, be it single drinkers, dinner daters or fun loving groups. The menu offers simple well known dishes with creative twists that lift it well above what would be expected from a pub menu. With prices that allow three courses to be enjoyed for roughly £20-£30, you won’t feel like you’ve over spent. One other gambit that should seal the deal for most is the large projector and screens that will be showing games of the world cup. Summers evening for the next month or so could consist of a refreshing drink in the beer garden, a nice dinner and cheers of ‘COME ON ENGLAND’…all courtesy of ‘The Lamb’.


The Lamb, 9 Barley Mow Passage, W4 4PH

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