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Published on February 29th, 2016 | by Clarissa Waldron


The Glam Clam’s Valentine’s Banquet

For their sophomore turn, The Glam Clam, London’s newest drag superstar family, chose a lavish address on Bedford Square and promised 17th century London meets Vegas with a feast fit for royalty.

The setting was certainly befitting; fabulous lighting and beautiful interiors were duly noted as were cocktails at 7pm arrival and serene greetings from the impressively elaborate acts.  Jazz singer, Collette Cooper, was also on the bill – so far so good.

In contrast to this refinery, the unfolding night had wobbles. For starters it was oversubscribed, a boost for the group no doubt but a hindrance all the same. Cooper had the furore and stamina to keep the crowd entertained for the night on her own, albeit an hour after entry. Then technical issues (we guessed) had her flitting on and off stage without explanation.

Thereafter no one in the audience knew what was happening or what to expect. When members of The Glam Clam finally appeared for the show there was no explanation. Their showmanship included tired jokes and audience participation and it was hard to tell whether this was planned or subsequently put together on a whim.

Later Danny D (great charisma) gave us his best Cher (more divas please! A lá Christina Bianco?) and some sidekicks showed us their hoolah dancing skills. A burlesque performer was also in the mix and it was a shame she didn’t have a longer slot.

But the theme for the night: “I need to invite Danny D back to the stage,” said one of the LBD-clad acts, “but he’s not here so I think I need to kill some time.” So was dinner supposed to be synced with the show? We were left scratching our heads.


At 9:30pm platters, not plates, of food arrived which resulted in a sort of Black Friday mad dash and measly portions. The food, surprisingly amidst this pandemonium, was actually really good and it’s a real shame guests didn’t get their money’s worth.

Remarkably, the crowd seemed to love it all; the brazen, unashamed lack of apology or explanation not an issue. Had the stars of the show not been who they were – eyeshadow-heavy female caricatures, cashing in on the classic devil may care attitude of the scene – the disorganisation would not be excused.


Another reason – everyone wanted the night to be a rip roaring success, not for their own entertainment, but for The Glam Clam themselves. London’s nightlife needs them, the essence of a fantastic night is in them, but as Sink the Pink searches for bigger venues to entertain, more effort needs to be put in here.

Capacity needs to be carefully ensured (a table stuck at the side of the stage with a splendid view of the speaker and a pole is at most insulting for paying guests), tardiness needs to be eliminated or at least addressed, a programme for attendees might help and service needs improving (apparently cocktails were available but we only got a wine menu).

Intimacy will be key in these early days, allowing this troupe to find their footing and perfect their craft. In time we expect flawlessness and we certainly look forward to seeing them around town.


For more information on future events visit http://www.theglamclam.co.uk/

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