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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Gavin


The Beachcomber, Bayswater

The Beachcomber, Bayswater Gavin

Summary: Who would have thought I'd find such a great late night Tiki bar in Bayswater?!


Tiki Fun

Bayswater isn’t the first place you’d think to find a good bar, and not any old bar- a Tiki cocktail bar (which happens to me my favourite type). However The Beachcomber is Tiki… but not as you know it.  Of course there’s the requisite Polynesian paraphernalia, banging soundtrack and staff dressed in the brightest colours imaginable, but what you won’t find is an abundance of aged rums, nor the obligatory fire shows I’ve come to expect from your average Tiki bartender. However, that didn’t stop me from having a fantastic evening.

A Tiki bar that doesn’t sell rum I hear you cry?! Don’t panic, The Beachcomber actually specialise in Rhum Agricole, a niche category of rum that’s typically found in the French Caribbean. The main difference is that rhum is made from sugar cane juice rather than Molasses and is typically aged less than 3 years. As a sipping rum enthusiast, I’ll freely admit to not being a massive supporter of rhum; the citrus undertones and slight harshness on the throat don’t make it the obvious choice for drinking neat, but fortunately it makes incredible cocktails.

The Beachcomber Cocktails

The 16 drink menu is large enough to offer something for everyone, but small enough not to feel overwhelmed by choice.  In addition there is a handy key to let you know how strong, sweet, and sour each cocktail is; such a simple yet effective concept, it makes you wonder why more bars don’t do it?!

From a list that’s full of highlights, it’s hard to pick just one or two, but special mention must go to the Agwadisiac (£8) made with Trois Rivieres rhum and coca leaf liqueur (yes, a liqueur made from the coca plant!).  Also, their take on the classic ‘Suffering Bastard’ affectionately known as the Suffering Gringo showcases the bar’s versatility by utilising tequila and mezcal to create a tasty yet lethal drink.

Creole Kitchen Patties

And after a couple of Suffering Gringos, you’ll undoubtedly need some snacks to avoid life imitating art. And The Beachcomber doesn’t just offer any old deep fried nonsense, they’ve teamed up with Guadelope born food writer Vanessa Bolosier to come up with an appetizing French Caribbean inspired menu.

Creole Kitchen Saltfish Fritters

Creole Kitchen serves a host of delectable treats that will be familiar to those who enjoy Caribbean food. Normally I wouldn’t give a vegetarian dish much thought, but the aubergine patties (£4) would be my first choice. Delicate pastry and a surprisingly flavoursome filling had me unashamedly finishing off all six in next to no time. I would also recommend ordering the Bokit Dippers (£3.50), even if only to use it as an excuse to dip into the Avocado Feroce (£3.50). Best described as guacamole with a salted cod surprise, the Feroce just works alongside the ever so slightly spiced dough bites.

Bokit Dippers

Marvellous drinks, first-rate food, and not to mention the 6 days a week late license, it defies logic that The Beachcomber doesn’t have queues going half way down Queensway. Tiki is all about over the top fun, and The Beachcomber manages to execute the spirit of Tiki without fault.


The Beachcomber, 86 Queensway, W2 3RR

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