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Published on May 27th, 2015 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


The Adam and Eve, Fitzrovia

The Adam and Eve, Fitzrovia Rebecca Anne Milford

Summary: It’s refreshing to see a gastro-pub menu in central London that isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel - it’s just finely tuned classics with definite flair


Oxford St Pub

Oxford Street can be a confusing and generally quite stressful place. Yes, at Christmas time it looks beautiful, and many see it as being the spine of retail therapy in London. But all those people. Dawdling and taking pictures and whacking passers by with their oversized bags and then just stopping in the middle of the street for no reason whatsoever.

So it’s not surprising that, as a South Londoner, it’s not my first choice of destination. But now I have at least found a little slice of respite in the form of the Adam and Eve pub, located just off the main drag.

The Adam and Eve is another example of Geronimo Inns’ charming combinations of quirky-meets-classic. Upon entering at lunchtime, we were swept away from the miserable drizzle and chaotic elbowing of Oxford Street, and into a light, vibrant and cheerful space that encourages relaxation and good times. The decor is delightful – a celebration of pop-culture, London, and shabby chic. Fun prints of various icons such as Twiggy and Sir Michael Caine brighten up the walls, and there are other images of fair London peppered about. Then of course there are the slightly more irregular additions – a mirror-mosaic mannequin and up-cycled tin lamps, for example, nudging up to farm-house chic wooden dressers. It makes for an eclectic and striking space, and the wooden tables, Winchester armchairs and warm lighting add to this feeling.

theadamandeve 17303

We came at lunchtime on Thursday, ready to escape the inclement weather that had appeared from nowhere. Our charming waitress Victoria showed us to a table and soon we were perusing the menu – a good mix of small plates, sandwiches, large meals and regular favourites. Adam and Eve have now also introduced the ‘Lunchtime Quickie’ for those who need to watch the clock, which includes a main, a side, a dessert and a drink for only £15. However, we were in no rush, and so settled back for a long, languorous meal.

Small plates look ideal for snacking on over booze, and we also decided they’d fit well as starters. The haddock goujons with tartar sauce were fabulous – crisp and golden, with sizeable chunks of flaky white fish encased in marvelously crunchy breadcrumbs. This was washed down with a glass of Picpoul de Pinet, which was naturally delicious and ideal with the haddock. My dining partner enjoyed her black pudding croquettes, although we might have made a mistake in ordering them as a starter – the portion was very generous and the pillowy morsels had a sizeable dose of potato and meat. I can instead imagine snacking on these tasty treats while sipping a pale ale, perhaps.

Adam and eve sharing board

Onto the main event, and we decided to both pick from the regular menu to see if practice does indeed make perfect. Since the outside world resembled an autumn afternoon rather than a May springtime then we were drawn to the more hearty options. I indulged a craving for sausage and mash, while my partner decided she’d try the flat iron steak.

And I have to say, we were massively impressed. The food was fresh, with generous but not overblown portions, and was indeed fantastically cooked. The steak was especially good – we’ve had flat iron before that was a little miserable in its size and juiciness (the last being rather sinewy), but at Adam and Eve we gobbled up every last bite. Served medium-rare, with a delicious charred outer and juicy, bloody inner, it was succulent and oozed flavour. The roast smoke garlic butter only enhanced the taste, and a fine supply of hand-cut chips made it even more substantial. My sausage and mash ticked all the boxes. Three plump pieces of pork rested atop a mound of creamy mash, all surrounded by a pool of unctuous, rich, onion-laced gravy (and I didn’t have to even ask for more – a first!!). The fluffy Yorkshire pudding resting on top was a welcome addition, and another example of the chef going above and beyond in his quest to extend what might be expected from a classic dish. Even the side of crunchy green beans, enriched by a scattering of toasted almonds, had us nodding in definite approval.

Adam and Eve bangers and mash

And it’s not just food that Adam and Eve are nailing – the wine list is pretty damned good too. Charlotte, our French waitress, was a willing and expert advisor. A hearty Malbec was recommended with the steak, while a Sangiovese Cabernet Ripa delle Mandorie was excellent quaffing with my sausages.

Although we were pretty stuffed, the quality of the food had us keen for dessert, and again Charlotte was there to offer advice. We went for the apple, pear and almond tart accompanied by a scoop of popcorn ice-cream, and yep, it was absolutely delicious. Even my friend, who declares herself more of a savoury person and said she’d ‘help out’ with dessert, was fighting for the last mouthful. Slightly caramelised, sweet and still fruity, I could have eaten two.

We ended up leaving nearly four hours later, just as the place was filling up for what was likely to be a busy Thursday night (apparently Thurs and Fri evenings are pretty lively, and there is a different bar snack menu on offer, complete with loads of sharing options. We were full, happy, and almost drifting into a smiling food-coma.

Geronimo Inns definitely have another success with this place. The space is funky and shows a ton of creative talent, while the food is an absolute draw. It’s refreshing to see a gastro-pub menu in central London that isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel – it’s just finely tuned classics with definite flair. There was a happy burble of chatter throughout our meal, indicating how the other mix of customers were equally enjoying themselves. Bright, comfy, and with delicious dishes – I might now have a reason to come to Oxford Street apart from just Topshop. Would you Adam and Eve it?


The Adam and Eve, 77A Wells Street, W1T 3QQ

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