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Taste DIY Cocktail Kits

Since beginning my journey many years ago into the London cocktail scene, my admiration for bartenders mixing up my favourite drinks has grown and grown. No matter how hard I try or how closely I follow the recipe, it can never match what the maestros create on an hourly basis.

However I was introduced to Taste- a club that offers subscribers a new cocktail to make at home every month.  The club only began in February 2014 but has steadily built up a loyal following thanks to the easy to follow instructions and the quality of products used (there’s no generic vodka here, all premium stuff!)

A package arrives at the foot of my door containing vials of gin, Campari, and Martini Rosso- more commonly known as a Negroni; and they’ve also included a measure of Cointreau to create a modern twist. Apart from a small recipe book that includes a history of the chosen drink, there isn’t much else included, so shakers, strainers etc. will need to be purchased separately (available for £30 through Taste) to get that authentic taste.

Luckily I have my lucky cocktail kit on hand (all the gear and no idea you may cry) and immediately get to work on one of my favourite drinks.  The kit comes with South Bank gin, a locally distilled product made especially for mixing cocktails and stands up well compared to the more popular London Dry brands. I may not be the most accomplished mixologist, but my Negroni isn’t half bad; and I even have enough left over to play around with the measures to get it just how I like it.

At £29 per month (or you can purchase as a one off), Taste Cocktails are perfect for the budding enthusiast who wants to learn more about their favourite drinks while trying a variety of spirits.


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