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Tabl Dinner Party with Monograph

A new dining concept has unveiled itself in London, and with it, introducing its sole purpose of transforming the way we eat in this metropolis. Tabl is the recent venture executing the challenge of creating a new social dining network for food lovers, while also being a nurturer for pop-up eateries, bone fide chefs and even yourself if you fancy feeding the masses for a one-off escapade!

To put it simply, what Tabl does is work with caterers of all shapes and sizes to create one-off or rotating food adventures, pop-ups and supper clubs in unorthodox venues across the city. To sum it all up Tabl enthuses “because the best part about our dinners isn’t just on the plate” and we certainly witnessed its eccentric take on dining when we went along to a recent secret supperclub.

Hosted by Monograph, the collaboration was foolproof, with the Japanese dining events business (comprising two Japanese led by an Italian) priding itself on curating a simple but experimental dinner-time. After signing up at Tabl, you choose your event, buy tickets and suspensefully await for the D-day location to arrive into your mailbox – no doubt silently hoping that it won’t be somewhere in Catford or any other unheard of London location.


We arrived to a transformed, small gallery space between Hackney and Homerton in the drizzling rain and we’re handed a teeny-tiny menu and given the luxury of sitting wherever we wanted on the long tables. Curious indeed!

Monograph London

Things kicked off an hour late however, not before we realised the event was BYOB, and dashed to the local Tesco Metro, as well as what seemed like an over-subscription of people made their way inside, causing more intimacy then a Monday morning Tube journey!

Courses were served in small, paper, takeaway boxes after the viewing of related Japanese short-films to influence the mood and environment of proceedings – as well as encouraging chat between diners which is at the core of Monograph’s ideology. Foodwise, things started off shakily with a watercress and raw tofu salad that made me question just how unconventional Monograph was preparing to go.


Things made a sharp upwards turn with the arrival of what constituted as two main courses: Udon noodles with Pork Belly and Curly Kale in a yummy broth – utterly faultless- and Salmon fillet marinated in Saikyo-Miso with Japanese rice. With a usual aversion to the plain and pallid freshwater fish, I must echo Made in Shoreditch’s sentiments and agree that Monograph’s salmon was the best salmon I’ve ever tasted.


Dessert Japanese-style was always going to be an experience and it faltered somewhat. Chocolate Mochi and Aka Daifuku are true to traditional Japanese form but the sticky and stodgy glutinous rice exterior distracted too much from the internal sweet bean paste. The Matcha Dorayaki came out on top here and had this reviewer hankering for more of the matcha green tea flavoured pancake pattie.


With international food comes natural cultural differences, which keeps us enlightened and tolerant, but what transcended those differences this evening, thanks to  Monograph and Tabl, was the ability for our table to remain in conversation long after the final boxes were cleared away, learning about one another while sharing wine, beer and sake.

As Monograph say: “we think that some of the most powerful forms of interaction are those with other people.” And with that becoming increasingly hard in a city like London, it’s always nice to feel welcomed to the Tabl.

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