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Published on November 24th, 2014 | by Gavin


Surgery Sim’s Gruesome Dinner

I’m standing in a room wearing surgical scrubs, smashing a brain on an operating table while a helpless man screams in agony; life can’t get any more bizarre can it?  The NHS may be desperate for staff, but no, I haven’t taken up part time employment as a surgeon; this is in fact the launch of Surgery Sim on the iPhone- an iOS app that gives you the chance to become a surgeon without getting your hands dirty.

Tonight we are essentially taking part in a real life demonstration of the game, and after putting on our scrubs we are ushered into theatre where we are confronted with Bob, our “patient” under anaesthetic waiting for surgery (he should be very scared with me at the helm).  I run to take an obligatory selfie with him and mid snap he springs to life and I do my best Mariah Carey impression, letting out a high pitched shriek of horror; this could be a long night.  Little did I know that this would be the start to the eeriest meal of my life.

SSedits (7 of 7)

I should have known better really, seeing as this event is hosted by Miss Cakehead & Chef Jim ‘London Mess Chef’ Thomlinson; both renowned for their unique food projects from vagina teeth cakes to show-stopping desserts.  And today is no different, as the first course of five arrives; a bowl of Miso soup resembling bile dispensed from a fluid drip and served in sick bowls; utterly disgusting, yet delicious at the same time.

Surgeondinner (14 of 41)

Surgeondinner (10 of 41)

Next up its bone marrow, kidneys and sweet breads accompanied by syringes of blood condiments (beetroot puree), and just like in the game, we have to use tweezers and surgical scissors to dissect the offal.  A task that is easier said than done, as evidenced by the squirts of blood and chunks of meat littered all over the floor.

While we are still tucking away, Jim comes rushing in from the kitchen to perform emergency surgery on Bob’s rib cage which contains a delicious mix of pork, ham, roast potatoes and biscuit iPhones (which incidentally taste delicious with a dab of BBQ sauce).  I’m not sure how I feel about picking bits of flesh off a man lying there making casual chit chat, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t try it again.

Surgeondinner (18 of 41)

Surgeondinner (21 of 41)

The only way to complete such an epic culinary journey is with a giant white chocolate brain filled with strawberry lace worms.  How do we get to the worms?  With a surgical hammer obviously. If only all brains tasted like white chocolate, as you may find me indulging in them more often.

After tonight’s experience, I’ve gained a lot more confidence in my ability to one day remove inanimate objects from someone in need.  Although ‘Virtual Bob’ in the Surgical Sim app is not as tasty as what I experienced, the game is just as fun.

Surgeondinner (25 of 41)

Available on all iOS devices including Mac, iPad & iPhone, priced £3.99 from iTunes.



Photo credits: Justin Ramsden

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