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Published on June 2nd, 2014 | by Gavin


Salsa Tuesdays at Floridita, Soho

Floridita is a staple of the Soho party scene, known for its Copacabana style design and fiery Cuban atmosphere.  If I find myself at a loose end, you’ll often find me taking a trip down the curvy staircase of the Cuban hangout, as I’m guaranteed a good rum cocktail and dancing aplenty.  The only problem is I have no idea how to salsa, so my time is limited to gazing upon the experts as they twirl and twist to the live Latin beats.  But that has all changed thanks to Floridita’s brand new Salsa classes and I am now a salsa god (at the basic steps anyway).

The classes take place every Tuesday and are hosted by Strictly Come Dancing’s Richard Marcel.  As the music begins and Richard takes centre stage, a small group of us nervously walk to the dancefloor for a hip shaking warm up and introduction to the Cuban style of salsa, which we are told takes influences from the Caribbean and South American.

Despite being a beginner’s class, the pace is frantic but everyone seems to be picking up like a natural and I question whether they are indeed beginners or implanted moles.  Richard’s humorous and fun teaching method makes learning the steps easy and soon enough we are partnered up and I’m moving like Patrick Swayze (well in my mind anyway).

During a quick interval before a more advanced class was due to begin, my dance partner and I order a mojito to help loosen the hips for the complicated moves to follow.  And I certainly needed it as things got really steamy, with so many spins that I start to feel a bit sorry for my partner.  The only saving grace is that we hadn’t eaten yet, as things could have got seriously messy!

After the class, there is the opportunity to enjoy 3 courses from the midweek Mojito Menu, a cut down version of their full menu featuring some of the best dishes from Cuba with South American influences.  I order the gazpacho, which is the perfect cool down after getting all flustered on the dancefloor.  Although there’s plenty of spice, it’s not overbearing and just adds a nice flavour along with the garlic crouton accompaniment.



Avocado salad

Avocado salad

My dance-cum-dining companion has a fresh avocado salad which is as colourful as a carnival costume thanks to the palm heart lettuce, orange, and grapefruits.  Quite possibly the most exotic salad I’ve ever set eyes upon and my notoriously hard to please guest comments on the freshness and delightful dressing.

Mozarella Quesadilla

Mozarella Quesadilla

Griled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

For main course I go for the vegetarian option, largely because I love quesadillas, and it didn’t disappoint.  The molten smoked mozzarella mixed with tomato salsa is perfect comfort food and something I’ll try to recreate at home.  We also get the grilled chicken, which although succulent, was a bit bland compared to all the other dishes we tried.

Pineapple Cheesecake

Dessert is limited to chocolate brownie, guave parfait, or the homemade pineapple and mango cheesecake.  All bad for the wasteline but we didn’t feel too guilty as the calories we burnt dancing more than made up for it!  At £45 for the class, a mojito on arrival, and 3 course meal (or £20 class and mojito only); Salsa Tuesdays is great value.  The food wasn’t mind blowing but for a dinner and dance experience, there isn’t many better.

Beginner class from 7:00 to 7:45, and intermediate from 8:00 to 8:45.  Classes run every Tuesday through to 31st July.  For more information and to book visit http://www.floriditalondon.com/whats-on-soho/events/salsa-sessions-2/

Floridita, 100 Wardour St, W1F 0TN

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