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Published on March 14th, 2016 | by Gavin


PizzaBuzz, Shoreditch

If you were to ask me how I’d imagine pizza restaurants to look in five years, I’m pretty sure it would be something like Worship Street’s newest venue PizzaBuzz.  Log in to the app on your phone, choose all ingredients yourself (including the base and sauce), turn up five minutes later and hey presto, your fully customised is ready to go. Yes I know you’re probably just as sceptical as I was, but having visited PizzaBuzz myself, seeing really is believing.

PizzaBuzz is a restaurant like no other, taking the simple, traditional fast food concept and revolutionising it in such a way that even Steve Jobs would be proud. They have gone right back to the drawing board starting firstly with the flour. Not content with the quality of normal manufactured pizza flour, the owners developed their own unique blend, designed to breakdown easier in the stomach to reduce bloating. There is a gluten free option too!


Next up, ingredients. Scanning the PizzaBuzz production line is every foodie’s dream; four base sauces, ten types of cheese (including vegan), vegetables aplenty, and don’t get me started on the assortment of meats and fish. The best way to describe it is like a Subway sandwich on steroids, and I can’t wait to get started.

To begin, I eagerly pick out the basil pesto base because the idea of a green pizza appeals to my inner eight year old. Next I layer with more traditional mozzarella, parmesan, and pecorino cheese; I considered a wackier feta and mascarpone mixture, but the look on my chef’s face helped me decide against it.


I decide on a combo of pulled pork and n’duja for my meat fix; red onions, actually no, I’ve spotted the caramelised variety; and finally beetroot to give a slight healthy spin to my otherwise monstrous creation. When being offered this Saville Row level of tailoring, you’d expect your wallet to be hit hardest, but surprisingly, all this comes in under £14.

I don’t have to wait long for my pizza either, the wood fired oven is able to cook 24 pizzas in 150 seconds, and soon enough I’m sitting down to enjoy my 12” invention. And I really did enjoy. Partly it was the sense of accomplishment that came with eating something I crafted, but mostly it was the freshness of the dough and quality of the ingredients that made this so pleasurable.


And it’s not just the pizza that is bespoke either. PizzaBuzz also has its own brand of ice cream, Mamoo, which comes in cow, goat, and almond milk varieties. The chocolate goat’s milk ice cream was surprisingly good, along with the peculiar blueberry and white chocolate chip. Though the almond milk left a lot to be desired, if you can’t drink conventional milk, at least there is now a viable alternative.


PizzaBuzz takes the conventional idea of what a good pizza restaurant should look like and flips it 180 degrees. It isn’t the only pizzeria in London following this modernised approach, but is quite possibly the best executed, and consumers should jump for joy. If this is what the pizza restaurant of the future is to look like, the likes of Pizza Express and Zizzi should be VERY afraid.


Pizza Buzz, 2B Worship St, EC2A 2AH

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