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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Gavin


PING Unlimited Brunch, Earls Court

Unlimited prosecco, three course brunch, and table tennis- is there a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon? Nope we couldn’t think of anything either, and you can enjoy all this for only £40 per person at Ping in Earl’s Court.  The offer sounded too good to be true so we took a trip down to find out.

Ping is one of a handful of table tennis themed bars around London. The basement venue is best described as deliberate dive (as opposed to unintentional) with décor straight out of the 1970s and even older furniture. The atmosphere is surprisingly lively for a sunny Saturday afternoon, with groups surrounding the various ping pong tables either trying their hand at a top spin serve, or just giving up all together in favour of beer/prosecco pong.

Brunch would suggest a mid morning endeavour, but Ping’s offering is from 2pm – 6pm (could this be considered Dunch?). Firstly the unlimited alcohol arrives, but there’s one hiccup; unlimited prosecco is actually unlimited moscato- aka prosecco’s uncouth, sweeter cousin, and it’s limited to a 2 hour period.

Being advertised as unlimited prosecco, I feel a bit cheated that we’ve been given a cheaper alternative in the hope that we don’t realise. Although I do realise, I don’t mention anything because I actually prefer the sweetness of the moscato bianco to the dryness of the glera grape.


The three course brunch is a carb paradise starting with a selection of breads, crostini, and charcuterie moving onto pizza for mains. Although not the best pizza money can buy, it hits the spot in between bottles of fizz and a vast improvement on your average bar snack. To finish, if the wine wasn’t sweet enough, we are given cheeky taster desserts including chocolate cake, apple tart, and boozy sorbet.

Ping’s Unlimited Prosecco Brunch is a fab idea but I can’t help but feel a bit cheated by the fact it’s not prosecco. Don’t get me wrong, I like moscato and I understand that an unlimited moscato brunch doesn’t sound very appealing, but the price difference between the two sparkling wines isn’t huge so why risk angering customers who come in expecting prosecco?


Be warned, if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon drink or are suffering the effects of a Friday night hangover, this isn’t for you. But for an entertaining afternoon with a bunch of mates with a view to keeping the party going into Saturday evening, then Ping’s Unlimited Brunch is the perfect treat.

Unlimited Brunch is available every Saturday from 2pm to 6pm limited to 2 hours seating time.


Ping, 180-184 Earl’s Court Road, SW5 9QG

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