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Published on March 2nd, 2015 | by Gavin


Original Sin, Stoke Newington

Original Sin, Stoke Newington Gavin

Summary: Great value for what is by far the best cocktail bar in Stoke Newington


Best in Stokey

Stoke Newington has a lot going for it, despite a reputation for being a haven for hipsters unable to find accommodation closer to Shoreditch and petty criminals. But with High Water, Burger Bear and now the announcement of a new Foxlow coming soon, everyone should sit up and take note.  So far though, the most impressive new opening in “Stokey” is Original Sin, a speakeasy style cocktail bar from the owners of the award winning Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square.

From the moment I walked in, it was clear this is not your typical Stoke Newington drinking hole.  Dimly lit booths, table service, and bespoke cocktails are what to expect, as opposed to cheap beer and large screen TVs.  We arrive on a Thursday evening and there are just 3 small groups enjoying the laid back atmosphere and taking advantage of the free pool table in the corner.

If possible, I like to sit at the bar to get a feel of the vibe and thankfully there is plenty of room and get talking to the friendly bartenders. Apart from the unique drinks, I notice that most however are female, although when I ask if this was the intention, I’m assured this is entirely coincidental (Ladies that can make an awesome cocktail- I’m certainly not complaining!). And the drinks? The first to try has to be the Sea City made with Mezcal, Cachaca, agave syrup and sea salt. On paper it sounds horrendous and the aggressively salty nature of the cocktail isn’t for everyone, but once I get over that initial shock, the Sea City is wondrous- unlike anything I’ve ever tried (and that’s a lot of cocktails).

Original Sin Cocktail

Happiness Forgets fans will be pleased to learn that one of their best drinks has transferred to Original Sin, their take on the classic Dark n Stormy known as the Perfect Storm. The award winning cocktail made from rum, plum brandy and ginger is well worth the plaudits and just as good as I remember from my last trip to Happiness, only this time in more luxurious surroundings. And what about the all-conquering Old Fashioned I hear you cry? Perfectly diluted with Elijah Craig 12 year old bourbon.

The best parts about Original Sin is that there is no snooty reservation policy or membership club and all drinks are under £10. Great value for what is by far the best cocktail bar in Stoke Newington.

And if you’re feeling a bit peckish, check out the fantastic burger bar Stokey Bears upstairs.

Original Sin, 129 Stoke Newington High St, N16 0PH

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