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Ohayo Tomorrow Hangover Cure

Hangover cures are a fickle thing, what works for one, certainly doesn’t work for all. I should know because I’ve tried them all; Bloody Mary breakfast, Alka-Seltzer, and even desperately struggling through a gym workout. All have failed me at one time or another, the only one that has consistently worked, ironically, is beer, a drink I don’t usually indulge in on a night out.

Now however, a new remedy that has extensively tested on live “patients” and 100% of test subjects stated that it helped the next day. How you ask? Well Ohayo Tomorrow is a 150ml bottle filled with all kinds of goodness including B vitamins, electrolytes and milk thistle that is designed as a hangover prevention aid that you drink last thing at night before going to sleep, it’s as simple as that

Ohayo Tomorrow means “Good Morning” in Japanese and I’ve found the perfect occasion to use it, my sister’s wedding. In terms of design the makers have thought of everything, the bottle even has a sticker on the front which you I attach to my phone at the start of the day as a reminder to take my ‘medicine’ when I’m no longer able to remember my date of birth.

I’ll spare you the details of my day but suffice to say the Ohayo is much needed. I stumble into bed and looking at the bedside table, it’s hard to miss the bottle of Ohayo because it has a glow in the dark label that reads “Tomorrow says thank you”.

To taste, you wouldn’t drink these in place of your favourite evening refreshment. I wouldn’t quite call it milky, more like creamy water with a spiteful aftertaste. Nevertheless, despite my inebriated state, I finish up and fall asleep (fully dressed I might add)- anything that tastes this bad must be good for you.

I wake up roughly 6 hours later and do my usual Sunday morning ritual of checking Instagram and the BBC News app before heading to the bathroom. It takes about 10 minutes before I realise I feel fine; no nausea, no thumping headache, and I’m not even craving a greasy fry up. I’m still a bit dehydrated, but aside from that, I can function to a much higher level than I usually would on the day after the night before.

I should disclose though that hangovers aren’t guaranteed with me, so I can’t be 100% certain it worked, but in the three occasions I have used it, I’ve woken up relatively unscathed. And at only around £3 a bottle, surely it’s well worth a punt.

Ohayo Tomorrow is available to buy from their website in packs of 3, 6, 12 priced at £3.60 per unit


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