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Published on March 12th, 2015 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


Brunch @ No.11 Pimlico Road

Brunch @ No.11 Pimlico Road Rebecca Anne Milford

Summary: I almost don’t feel like No.11 Pimlico Road can do any wrong. It’s cool, it’s calm, it doesn't need to show off, and yet it is absolutely banging


Brunch Heaven

Having breakfast at No. 11 Pimlico Road feels as if you’ve just stepped into a gorgeous Californian beach house that’s cleverly been merged with Scandinavian chic. It’s airy and bright and welcoming, but there’s an edge of modern style that reminds you this is one of the cool kids on the block.

There’s a lot of pale Farrow and Ball-esque paint in calming tones, and a rather lovely central bar in matching white that would be the focal point in the room if it weren’t for an equally stunning staircase that sweeps up to the next floor. Large windows let light flood the room, and the wooden shutters add some rustic charm. There are splashes of green and cooling mint tiles, and you kind of feel like it would be impossible to ever have a hangover in this place.

Of course if you did have a hangover and wanted to do the sensible thing and drink straight through it, then this would be the place to come. No. 11 Pimlico Road do a banging range of brunch cocktails (as well as twists on classics – Tequila Old Fashioned, anyone?), plus their menus are enough to galvanise even the most sensitive of stomachs into action. We started the day here, and soon found ourselves reluctant to leave.

Smooth Sunday tunes were playing, with enough sax and soft vocals to get us into the chilled end-of-weekend mood, and papers were being laid out when we arrived early. The place filled into a bubbling, bustling hub in no time at all, and staff glided around wearing crisp white shirts and Converse, looking like they should be in adverts for the Copenhagen Design show. And they were the nicest people – helpful, knowledgeable, never lingering and yet always there when we needed something. Plus our glass was constantly topped up with cucumber water. Top marks.


Still, cucumber water only goes so far, and so we were soon holding a Bloody Mary and adding our own helping of No.11’s special spice mix to taste. Reading the menu proved to be an agonising decision that required us to call for help from Maria, our waitress. There was just too much on there we wanted. Arrive between 9am and 11.30am and you can choose from their enticing and extensive breakfast menu, with options like pork and sage sausages in brioche, or field mushrooms in parsley butter on sourdough, or even the fresh pastries. From 11.30am it’s on to brunch – that decadent and completely necessary meal that I can’t get enough of. The menu for this includes classic eggs Royal and Benedict (only with the genius addition of avocado), and blueberry pancakes. Then there’s also Sunday lunches, plus the normal menu that includes No.11’s burger, mussels, sharing plates… basically a sensory overload for food lovers.

Anyway, we’d arrived in the clever time space that allowed us to order from the breakfast menu and then the brunch, and decided to first go for the Homemade Granola. This was served with all the panache and quirky coolness you’d expect – it came on a large plank of distressed wood; a huge bowl of granola with loads of dried figs and coconut shavings; two little pots containing organic yogurt and ruby-bright fruit compote; and a little dish of golden oozing honey. Basically a great little DIY brekkie station.

The yogurt was AMAZING – thick and creamy, it made us feel like we were Nicole Scherzinger in that advert with every mouthful, and there’s no other word but luxurious. The granola itself was also pretty decadent – an inventive twist, and the compote was just the right side of tart; definitely worth trying.


By this time it was necessary to dip into another cocktail, so we went for the Elderflower and Earl Grey Fizz. It looked beautiful and tasted even better – Earl Grey infused Tanqueray gin, lemon juice and elderflower cordial, served long with lemon and mint, and was totally okay to sip pre-midday since it was so refreshing and almost like a delicate spritzer.

This is where we employed the help of Maria, our waitress, as to what to have next. She recommend the Breakfast Sourdough Bruschetta, which was pretty lucky since the lady at the next table had just ordered it and the interest we were displaying was rather undignified and very un-Scandi cool.

It arrived in a riot of vibrant colours – heaps of fresh tossed spinach, crispy shavings of bacon, a mound of creamy avocado and then we topped it with a poached egg to finish. I put my knife in, felt the familiar resistance and then it was pierced and a trickle of golden yolk streamed down to soak the sourdough and mix with the mayonnaise. Brunch heaven.

I almost don’t feel like No.11 Pimlico Road can do any wrong. It’s cool, it’s calm, it doesn’t need to show off, and yet it is absolutely banging. Sitting by the huge windows, waiting for spring to erupt in Pimlico, it almost feels like being on holiday. And with a breakfast menu served every day from 9am then there really is no better way to start the day. Next mission? To eschew the lure of morning and come at a later time, ready to work my way through that impressive cocktail list…


No. 11 Pimlico Rd, 11 Pimlico Rd, SW1W 8NA

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