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Published on August 14th, 2014 | by Francesca Baker


Morning Gloryville

‘You could be in bed right now’ roars the MC from the stage. Until a few minutes ago I was thinking the same thing – now I don’t want to be anywhere else. Music pumping, bodies jumping, beats thumping and all that – starts to get a girl moving.

I’m not the only one. All around me are people with their hands in the air, legs pulsing, hips thrusting and rave moves in action. UV paint adorns the faces of the singing crowd, as lights strobe down and Ibiza DJs bust out tunes from the industrial size speakers. Mode, Westbourne Park is the perfect location, all quirky decor with a plane suspended from the ceiling, balconies upon which to see the dancers and be seen dancing, and more than one bar.

So why would I have considered being in bed? Well, it’s 7am. I had to get a bus in the rain to get here. And I am stone cold sober.

Welcome to the new style of rave. Welcome to Morning Glory Ville.

Morning Glory Ville 2

Taking place between 6.30am and 10.30am on a weekday morning, this is a party like no other. Smoothies and coffee, nut bites and croissants are all on offer for breakfast, as well as massage and club yoga. But like a ‘regular rave’ the dance floor is packed with people partying and the hammer jack pound of a good time. Invigorated and buzzing, the atmosphere is a little electric.

The audience varied wildly. Groups of girls fully donned up in club gear. Others were there for the workout, Lycra clad and cardio ready. Men were fully suited up, ties swinging with their bodies. On the way we bumped into Brett, who was there with his colleagues. Their manager pays for the whole team to go before work, aware of how it gets them ready for the day. Abdul was on his own. ‘I’m 46, fat, and as a Muslim father don’t drink alcohol. But I love club music and I love dancing, so this is perfect.’ There were even a few kids dotted around, by virtue of it being the school holidays.

Morning Glory Ville 4

Jo, who I end up next to doing the downward dog, has been to all the London events (they also run in Sydney, New York, Brighton and Amsterdam). ‘I just go about my day with a grin on my face. It’s too much fun.’

Even Eddy Temple Morris who DJ’d the event was surprised ‘This dawn rave really was interesting. People seem to have less inhibitions in the morning and they *really* dance their tits off. Such good vibes, so many smiles, I’m converted!’

The organisers throw themselves into things, and professional dancers fully dressed in rave garb, unicorn headdresses and bright colours are planted around to get the crowd moving, but generally they don’t need much encouragement. We arrive at 7, half an hour after things kick off, so the awkward stilted first dance has passed, but still I am surprised at just how up for it everyone is.

‘Rave your way into the day’ is their tag line, and it seems like a great alarm call if you ask me. Despite the early start, I’m full of energy and endorphins as I go about my Wednesday at work. Whether you see it as a revolution or movement as Sam Moyo and Nico Thoemmes, the organisers and brains behind the concept suggest, or just a damn good kick to the usual routine, it’s a thrill. Liberating and freeing, dancing with strangers and losing your inhibitions, forgetting yourself and simply throwing yourself into the day with gusto. It’s to be applauded.

Morning Glory 3

The next Morning Glory Ville will take place on Wednesday 27th August at Oval Space, E2 9DT.  Tickets priced £15.


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