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Mayfair Pizza Co

Mayfair Pizza Co Gavin

Summary: For a decent bite with a good cocktail to share with friends, the Mayfair Pizza Co is a respectable shout


Creative Menu

We take a discreet turn off New Bond Street and come across a buzzing alleyway filled with cocktail bars, restaurants, and an art gallery. Unbeknown to me at the time though, they are all owned by the same group, including the venue that I’m visiting this evening; the Mayfair Pizza Co.

Considering how busy the other venues are, I’m expecting hoards of hungry diners in the minimalistic Italian overlooking Lancashire Court; but the elongated venue is empty, bar a few small groups scattered here and there.  It’s a stark contrast to the buzzing atmosphere below, which starts ringing alarm bells in my head, but that’s soon forgotten when confronted with the menu.

As you’d expect, the range of pizzas is the obvious draw and my eyes keep getting drawn to the current special, a Belvedere Vodka infused Bloody Mary pizza.  And that’s not the only unusual item; for starters we order the crab meat with macaroni cheese, and the burrata accompanied with peach.

Crab and Mac

The ‘crab n mac’ comes on the inside of a dislodged crab shell atop a bed of pebbles, and tastes as good as it is presented.  The creamy blend of parmesan and mozzarella work well with the shellfish and had my dining partner looking through every crevice of the makeshift plate for the last remaining remnants.  However, for me, the burrata was the star dish.  So simply in its production yet effective in execution; the sweetness of the fruit offset the cream and mozzarella perfectly.

Burrata and Peach

In between courses we were treated to some fantastic cocktails courtesy of Mews of Mayfair located just below MPC.  Leaning towards the female cocktail drinker, many are on the sweeter side, which isn’t usually to my taste but even I appreciated the fabulous lychee and ginger Collins.

Soon after, the main course was upon us, which included the Bloody Mary pizza I was so keen to sample.  My guest went for the Caprina with goat’s cheese, peppers, and rocket which had a superb sweet spiciness courtesy of the tomato base that balanced well with the savoury ingredients.

My Bloody BBQ pizza with brisket, bacon and smoked mozzarella had a lot going on at once.  Even with all the smoky meat goodness, I’m pleased to report that the Belvedere hit was still evident, and although it’s not going to get you singing to the stars, fellow vodka lovers will be appreciative.

Pulled Pork pizza

The only thing that was a slight letdown with both dishes was the dough base.  This is not so much a criticism of MPC (as it wipes the floor with anything you could buy in London a decade ago) but having tried the best you can buy in London, it doesn’t quite match the quality of my favourites (Pizza Pilgrims and Franco Manca if you were wondering).

As an alternative, the rare tuna superfood salad is excellent with a cacophony of rich flavours that worked perfectly in cohesion and both my dining partner and I were in agreement that it was the best dish of the evening.  If you don’t fancy a pizza or watching the calories, you’d be a fool not to give it a try.

Even though there are curious items throughout, the desserts are by far the most unique of the bunch.  As well as the obligatory tiramisu and cheesecake, you’ll also find pizza bases topped with fruit, custard, chocolate, and more.  Naturally I had to try some of these oddball couplings, and although initially taking some getting used to, all credit must go to chef Michael Lecouteur for his originality in teaming basil with strawberries and white chocolate; I’ll certainly be ordering in future.  The apple and raspberry crumble with custard pizza wasn’t as well executed though, as I was disappointed to find the crumble was served cold and came with freeze dried fruit.

Strawberry and White Chocolate piza

Strawberry, White Chocolate and Basil Pizza


Apple Crumble Pizza

Apple & Raspberry Crumble Pizza

Reflecting on my evening, I asked myself what kind of person would enjoy Mayfair Pizza Co.  Being located just off New Bond Street there is a certain snootiness and premium pricing I’ve come to expect, but thankfully none of this was evident.  If you want pretentious, then there are an abundance of venues within a mile radius, but for a decent bite with a good cocktail to share with friends rather than business clients, the Mayfair Pizza Co is a respectable shout.


Mayfair Pizza Co, 4 Lancashire Court, W1S 1EY

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