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London’s Best Chicken Wings

There can be little doubt that fried chicken is one of the most popular food trends in London right now.  And as a bonafide fried chicken fiend, there’s nothing more satisfying than wreaking havoc on a bucket of wings, collecting more bones than the Natural History Museum in the process.

So with that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of ten of my favourite chicken wing spots in London.

Best for: Korean Spiced

Chick n Sours, Soho / Haggerston

I was first drawn to Chick n Sours after I was promised “the best Zinger burger money can buy”. This may have been true, but it wasn’t The Colonel burger that left me amazed; it was the Korean spiced Disco Wings. Crispy, well marinated, and covered in a finger lick sauce; these are arguably the best wings in London.

Best for: Frank’s Red Hot

Sticky Wings, Brick Lane

It’s an unwritten rule that Buffalo wings must be made with Frank’s Red Hot sauce. So when Frank’s officially declared Sticky Wings “The Best Buffalo Wings in the UK”, little more needs to be said about these crispy delights.  Furthermore, Sticky Wings is fantastic value, offering 11 wings, fries, and a dip for under £10. And the icing on the cake? They give you a bucket to place all the discarded bones!

Best for: Those Who Like it Saucy

Patty & Bun, Various Locations

Although Patty and Bun is most renowned for making the best burgers in the capital (sorry Bleecker Burger), but you may not know that they also make some pretty good confit wings too.  The key here is the heavy handed heap of BBQ that these babies are smothered in; my last effort saw me use no less than eight napkins and three wet wipes to get all the saucy goodness from my hands. Wear white at your peril!

Best for: Those Who Like it Hot

Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton / Clapham / Soho

Red Dog Saloon host the most infamous eating challenge in London; the Hot Wing Challenge. Eat 6 Naga Viper chilli marinated wings in under 5 minutes and you win- seems simply enough right? WRONG. I tried the challenge three years ago, and as this article shows, it was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Are you tough enough to make it onto the Wall of Flame?

Best for: Sports

Bodean’s, Various Locations

Watching sport while chowing down on chicken wings is a combo that not even Ant & Dec could contest; it just feels right. And with eight locations over the capital, all with large screen TVs covering every angle, there’s no better place to watch than Bodean’s. The wings are superb; marinated for hours before heading to the smoker, which results in a proper American barbeque taste.

Best for: Those Who Love a Good Back Story

Randy’s Wing Bar, Olympic Park

Food loving friends Rich and Andy decided to embark on a Chicken Wing pilgrimage to the USA in order to answer the question “What makes the perfect chicken wing”? Off the back of this epic voyage, they decided to set up Randy’s Wing bar in 2013, serving finger licking wings as a pop up at various street food markets, pubs etc. They became so successful that they were invited to take part in the 2015 National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York!

In 2016, they were able to open their first permanent site at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, offering an assortment of wing styles from classic American, to Vietnamese and Indian. I first had the pleasure of trying them at Night Tales in 2014, and been hooked ever since.

Best for: Convenience

MeatLiquor, Locations all over the UK

Chicken wings are comfort food, and there’s nothing more comfortable than getting some of the best wings within walking distance of your home. With eight London locations (including atypical areas such as Croydon and East Dulwich) and two planned opening in Queensway and Kings Cross, you’re never far away from grabbing some great wings and a burger. With plenty of crunch and drenched in their special homemade Buffalo sauce, these wings are amongst the best that money can buy.

Best for: Big Appetites

Big Easy, Covent Garden / Chelsea / Canary Wharf

Big Easy offers some of the best smoked meats in London, so it stands to reason that their wings will be pretty amazing. And not only are they good, but on Wednesdays you can get unlimited wings with two pints of beer for only £20.  I’d recommend ordering the dry rub for that authentic American flavour, but seeing as its bottomless, you may as well try them all!

Best for: Caribbean Jerk

Fish, Wings, and Tings, Brixton / Croydon

I’m not a fan of remixing the classic wing, but Fish, Wings, and Tings Reggae Wings marinated in jerk seasoning and covered in a pineapple and mango chutney, are a worthy effort. And why not complete the Caribbean experience with a lethal rum punch on the side?

Best for: Value

Morley’s Fried Chicken, Thornton Heath

And finally, no chicken wing review could be complete without a nod to the humble fried chicken shop. Servicing the community at seemingly all hours of the day, every area has one, and everyone thinks their local is the best. If you follow The Chicken Connoisseur on YouTube, you may recognise the likes of Chicken Cottage, Tennessee, Dallas, and Favourite Chicken will be familiar to you, but my local is Morley’s.

In terms of wings, the Thornton Heath franchise has served me well from high school, right the way up until now. The crunchy, cayenne seasoned batter gives a satisfying kick, and all for the bargain price of four wings for £1! On any given day, you’ll find everyone from local school kids, to Stormzy taking advantage of some of the best value fried treats this side of the Thames.

Disclaimer: Although you’ll find the distinctive red logo in nearly all SW and SE postcodes, the quality various massively between franchises. Remember to check your local’s Food Standard’s Agency rating before heading down on my recommendation!


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