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Published on June 24th, 2016 | by Ben Southwood


Liberty Philly Cheesesteak, Spitalfields

I have to say I had never had a Philly cheesesteak until this week, so I cannot tell you whether Philadelphians would judge Liberty Cheesesteak as truly authentic to its gritty working class immigrant roots. But I can tell you that they’ve certainly gone all out. And I can tell you that they serve a damn tasty sandwich.

The place is pin-striped in the white and red of the Phillies, as are the staff, and—sort of—the paper wrapping up your hefty hunks of bread and meat. The owner has gone to extreme extents in pursuit of exactly what he wants: they butcher their own cows in Deptford (but they only really want the ribeye). They designed a recipe for the soft Italian “sub” rolls, or hoagies, and they are just that special kind of rough, serious off-French stick that you expect from a sandwich out of a van. They make all their ‘Wiz’ cheese sauce by a secret recipe to get it just right—and incredibly orange.

liberty cheesesteak

And they even try and get you to order in the Philadelphian way: a “whole wiz wit” is a whole cheesesteak, with wiz cheese, and “wit” onions. I got it that way and it was divine, a comforting light cheesy-fatty lubricant keeping the bread moist and oodles of tender shredded ribeye. Their other offerings are comparably good: juicy porchetta-like Italian roast pork with slices of cheese and some veg. And pieces fried chicken slathered in buffalo sauce and perhaps too much powerful blue cheese dip. They also offer cannoli for dessert, but I’m not really a fan.

A food truck is not a restaurant, it’s a food truck. So what you want is a filling hunk of delicious, comforting food, nothing fancy, but done extremely well. As I say, I’ve never had a cheesesteak before, but after going to Liberty, I certainly expect to eat many in the future…

liberty cheesesteak spitalfields


The Liberty Cheesesteak truck can be found in Spitalfields Market, Horner Square, E1 6EW

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