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Published on August 8th, 2016 | by Tatei Montejo


Laser Body Contouring has arrived in the City

What would you say if someone offered you a painless way of eliminating your stubborn pockets of fat in 25 minutes? Sign me up? Me too. That’s how I came about to trying SculpSure, the first FDA cleared hyperthermic laser which aims to disrupt subcutaneous fat, at the prestigious PHI Clinic.

It’s not completely new, as usual it originated in the States and attracted many hardcore fans, but Harley’s Street PHI Clinic has been the first to introduce it to the UK. If this all sounds familiar, you may be getting it confused with CoolSculpting, which uses cold instead of heat, effectively fat freezing, is indicated for larger areas of fat and takes over twice as long.

laser body 2

SculpSure is a non surgical device that heats up a small area of your body for 25 minutes via a diode generating a synthetic form of apoptosis (cell death) to reduce the number of fat cells in the region, and the best thing is that they are permanently destroyed. It’s indicated for healthy, not overweight, people that have some stubborn pockets of fat, which they can’t shift through dieting and exercising alone — think less weight loss, more body contouring. Some of the most popular areas are the belly, love handles, bingo wings and upper thighs, the usual suspects!

I chose to have it on my back and inner upper thighs, where it’s meant to feel particularly hot, and was completely capable of putting up with the discomfort, even allowing the lovely nurse Sarah to bump it up to the highest potency as we went along, and I’m a wimp. The machine constantly blows a cold, soothing air, that ensures the skin is cool throughout (you can feel it an the end!) as the heat is only meant to act subcutaneously.

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Now that we’ve established that it’s not painful, you must be wondering how much it’s going to set you back? Well it’s not super cheap, but it’s not super expensive either, it really depends on the area of fat that you’re wanting to target. For example, if you just have a condensed bit of fat at the bottom of your stomach, maybe remaining from a pregnancy, and only need one diode, it will cost you £250. However, it’s more common to need a few — I had two per leg, one on the back and one in the inner thigh. The plus is that you can see results after the first session (6-12 weeks after the treatment) but two are normally recommended — your suitability, expectations and requirements are discussed at the consultation prior to the session.

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Surprisingly, there’s virtually no downtime. The area may feel a bit tender for up to two weeks (in my case it feels as if it was bruised but you can’t see it) and you’re asked to massage it for 5-10 minutes twice a day and drink plenty of water but that’s it. You can resume normal activity straight away and exercise, or even take a plane and go on holiday like I did. A very interesting treatment, I hope you agree, and a very straightforward and hassle free process — all that’s left to see is whether it delivers… Do ask me any questions you may have and watch this space for an update on the results, fingers crossed!

SculpSure is available at PHI Clinic and costs £250 per diode, per session.


PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street, W1G 7JB

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