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Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


Golden Arrow at Hotel Pullman, St Pancras

Golden Arrow at Hotel Pullman, St Pancras Rebecca Anne Milford

Summary: This is the perfect place for those wanting to begin the day in a more virtuous fashion, but still have the option to treat themselves if they wish


Detox Brunch

A hotel restaurant might not be the usual place you’d expect to find a brunch menu packed to the brim with healthy options, but there’s one place in St Pancras that’s flying the flag for detoxing throughout January. I headed to The Golden Arrow restaurant at Hotel Pullman on Euston Road, where from 12 – 3pm they’re serving a vitamin-filled Sunday brunch, as well as their usual buffet fare.

The general decor and ambience of the Golden Arrow is what I would term ‘a hotel bar with soul’. The decor is far nicer than many bolted-on restaurants that can sometimes have a stale, clinical feel to them. Huge hanging spheres of light that look like starburst galaxies dominate the ceiling, and there’s some red neon going on behind the bar and some interesting uses of hats as lamps. Cheerful yellows and an assortment of grey tones give a sleek palette, from soft stone to deep charcoal.

Oh, and a rather bonkers but hilarious and actually quite cool addition is the DJ spinning funky mellow tunes while people mill around helping themselves to bagels and sausages. The smooth jazz and chilled reggae music almost make me feel like I need a Pina Colada.

But no- because I am here to cleanse myself after the stodginess of Christmas. I eschew the Bloody Mary menu (for now) and instead order a Veggie Twist smoothie, that arrives a suitable shade of Shrek and is packed with the goodness of apple, ginger, spinach, carrot and lemon. The balance is actually perfect, with just enough zesty citrus punch to counter the acridity of the spinach, and a pleasant heat from the ginger. So far, so nourished.

On to the menu, and it’s almost like scanning a shopping list for Holland and Barrett. Beneath the five Detox Brunch options are a list of what vitamins and minerals these meals can offer, prompting my dining partner to almost ask out waitress for a portion of vitamin K, with a side order of D, easy on the B. But actually, after so much rich and carb-heavy food during December, it’s nice to know what’s going down the gullet, rather than washing away food-guilt by necking another glass of fizz. I mean, there are resolutions to think of, at least for a little while yet.


The idea is that you can try a little bit of anything you fancy, as portions are compact and the idea is to graze. The ripe avocado on organic rye bread stands out to me, and it arrives as two slivers of crisp toast, laden with shining green goodness and zesty cherry tomatoes. The little dish of baked free range eggs with baby spinach and cherry tomato is both comforting and nourishing – very enjoyable. One of our favourite options is the poached free range eggs on gluten-free muffins with kale. Superfood – check. Iron – check. Antitoxins- check. There’s also an egg white omelette and banana pancakes to keep you going, and our charming waitress tops us up with cleansing green tea. So far, so saintly.

But the great thing about the breakfast here is that there’s also a whole buffet to peruse, and we fall slightly off the willpower-wagon and help ourselves to a smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese. And then – oops, the menu falls open at the Bloody Mary page and there are five different varieties, including an Irish Garden option which contains vodka AND Guinness. My brunch partner is a purist and goes for the original (very tasty), while I have a Sunday Rose Bloody Mary which combines tawny port and adds real depth and a definite kick.

Godlen arrow

This is the perfect place for those wanting to begin the day in a more virtuous fashion, but still have the option to treat themselves if they wish. There’s no chance of food envy, you can pick a bit of what you fancy, and the breakfasts were very tasty, while the selection was superb. The whole environment is completely relaxed, so you feel no qualms about spending a couple of hours just eeking out the morning.

In fact, since we’re on the sauce already and we’re so relaxed, we finished with a very tasty Old Fashioned and one of the muffins that are laid out in nice baskets.

Well, they say these things are all about balance.


Golden Arrow, Hotel Pullman, 100-110 Euston Road, NW1 2AJ

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