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Published on February 16th, 2015 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


Foxlow, Clerkenwell

Foxlow, Clerkenwell Rebecca Anne Milford

Summary: The Brunch Burger with sausage patty, bacon, cheese, and egg is quite simply, a game changer


Mindblowing Brunch

Londoners, there is cause to celebrate. Those of you that have treaded the streets of Clerkenwell and discovered the delights of Foxlow, tucked down St John Street, will know the delights that lie in store. And now the peppy sibling of Hawksmoor is due to open another location in Stoke Newington. Fabulous!

Those who are scratching their heads at Foxlow then hello, where have you been? This gorgeous yet very casual-cool restaurant opened just over a year ago, and have made a name for themselves as being at the forefront of super brunches, amazing roast dinners, and plates of meat to really get people talking. They still have all the quality of Hawksmoor, and much of the relaxed glamour (peacock-blue leather banquettes, a beautiful bar, touches here and there), but there’s also some super cherry-red stools on which you can prop up the bar, very chic tiles apparently sourced from the London underground, and wire mesh cages hanging from the ceiling that catch the light in a very arty fashion.

We came one Sunday to experience the brunch – that decadent meal that surely requires more time for grazing than any other eating time of history. And Foxlow are treating it with due respect – the menu touches on some obvious favourites, but then throws these ideas in a mixer, add a big dose of PAZZAZ, and out comes some truly brilliant brunch suggestions.


One such thing is the brunch burger – basically a fry up encased in a soft, pillowy bun. Sausage patty, bacon, cheese… and then an egg that oozes golden sunshine all over your plate as soon as you try to pick it up. It is, quite simply, a game changer.

Other intriguing additions to the menu are the famous Foxlow Chicken and Waffles. Crispy fried chicken propped perkily on top of a waffle, American style – but wait! To add a bit of extra fun, there’s another egg resting on top, and some sausage gravy to make it even more indulgent. Plus maple syrup to pour on top. Well, it is the weekend *cheat day*.

Foxlow brunch

If you are feeling a little more virtuous then have no fear – saintly scoffers can choose Sweet Potato, Kale & Eggs or the delightful sounding Homemade Ricotta & London Honey. We tried the avocado on toast with lime and chilli – heaps of creamy, velvety green superfood atop a crisp piece of toast, with a fabulous zing from the citrus and heat from chilli.

After that healthy start then it’s only fair to have a go at something calorie-laden afterwards, and there are two particular rib-sticking options that are so so delicious you know they’re going to be terrible for you. The Montecristo Cronut is surely the best trio since Rush – it’s a combo of donut, croissant and croque monsieur, and works so fabulously well (especially when you smother it with more of that amber maple syrup) that you’ll wonder why you don’t eat them every day. Oh yeah, because you’d keel over.

The other must eat dessert is the equally artery-clogging Elvis Presley Sandwich. Buttered, fried brioche, caramel, ice cream, toffee banana, candied bacon… so good it’ll make you want to weep, while you’re spooning it into your face and mentally working out how many sets of stairs you’ll have to take over the next month or two to burn it off.

Now, no good brunch is complete without a good cocktail – notably Bloody Marys. Once more Foxlow comes up trumps, with two varieties that will appease any fan. The Smokestack Mary is an overwhelming rich and tasty combination of gin, tomato, chipotle, smoked paprika and peated scotch; it’s full-bodied, has a delightful spice, and the scotch gives it that extra oomph. Fans of cocktail maestro Mr Lyan (White Lyan / Dandelyan) will like the look of the Pep Talk. It’s got gin, it’s got Stone Fruit Vermouth, and it’s got Spicy Red Pepper Juice, all with that special White Lyan touch.

Pep Talk cocktail

Now, if that hasn’t whet your appetite sufficiently, then bear in mind Sunday brunch soon moves onto Sunday lunch – and the Foxlow roast dinners would make Hawksmoor proud. Laden with meat, crispy potatoes, and with the richest of gravies, you might find that you arrive in the morning, and don’t find yourself rolling out of the door until much later. All we can say is that it’s lucky the new site in Stoke Newington has opened up – now we don’t have to be embarrassed about going to the same venue, every Sunday, as if we were addicted…


Foxlow, 69-73 St John St, EC1M 4AN

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