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Published on October 29th, 2014 | by Tatei Montejo


Facial Gym: A Squat Workout For Your Face

If you know your beauty you’re probably thinking this isn’t new. You’ve heard all about facial yoga exercises and sometimes while watching telly you blow a random kiss at the ceiling or try to twinkle your nose while your boyfriend/housemate looks at you like you’ve literally gone insane.

Well, you’re in for a surprise because Facial Gym is nothing of the sort. I was excited to meet the lovely Alina, who learnt her trade in Latvia and is now one of the first and only practitioners in the UK to perform this unique discipline. Her studio is at a convenient central location by Moorgate tube station, where she treats men and women wanting to improve their looks, as well as office workers suffering from posture pains.

The first thing to note about Facial Gym is that it’s not just a beauty treatment providing quick results (which it does!) but a whole school of thought and an educational process aiming to keep our face young and looking its best for longer.

“Facial Gym is to your face what squatting is to your bum”

Muscles, including those in the surrounding areas such as neck and shoulders, capillaries and lymph are the three main pillars of the theory, which is incorporated into every session so that clients can continue the massages and movements at home in order to achieve optimal results. My first step when debating whether to invest in a holistic or beauty treatment myself is consulting my mother who’s a doctor — hence very sceptical —so I was surprised to hear that even she was in agreement with the principles behind Facial Gym and believed it could be effective.


Facial Gym consists of three different techniques but clients are always recommended to start with Spilt Massage. Resembling a deep tissue, Alina begins by massaging neck and shoulders to relax the muscles and improve circulation, as tension in these areas can result in imperfections on our face too. A lot of pressure is applied so you may find this painful but you’re encouraged to rate the pain from 1-10 as you go along and you can always ask to stop if you need a break — I’ve got quite a low threshold but only said 6 once during the session so it’s bearable! While working on neck and shoulders Alina assesses your problem areas and discusses goals with you, whether you want to eliminate expression lines around your eyes, get a more defined jawline or firmer cheeks, it can all be done over a course of sessions.

Next it was time to massage my face, which was a fairly new experience to me as it felt nothing like facials and more like a workout. After Alina is finished with each area my muscles are left very relaxed but also tired, a bit as if my cheeks had been doing squats! Some of our face muscles have one end attached to the bone and the other woven into the skin and Facial Gym’s purpose is to find the blocks and spasms that can deform our appearance. My favourite part of the treatment was the forehead massage, I felt so relaxed I could have fallen asleep and the tension around my eyes that I get from working in front of a computer screen completely disappeared — it’s been three days and it’s still not come back!


Split massage over, we moved on to Intraoral Massage; a very novel technique that scared me slightly as I associate white gloves with the dentist, aka hell on earth. It was a bit painful at times but at the same time it was nice to feel muscles that I didn’t even know existed being stretched and exercised. Facial Gym explains some of the deeper wrinkles, sagginess and even double chins being due to shortened, blocked and strained muscles impacting our skin. For reviewing purposes I agreed to a minute of intranasal massage performed with the help of a cotton bud, which needless to say petrified me, but I felt super relaxed once the treatment was over. I didn’t get to try the Vacuum Massage, which focuses on the capillaries and lymph and is a pleasant, less intense, procedure.


Overall, I thought Facial Gym was a very interesting and unique treatment and what’s more, my skin really did feel great the following day. Apologies if it’s hard to tell from the pictures but my cheeks were plump and my skin was (and still is) firmer, smoother and more relaxed than usual, as if i had had a long deep beauty sleep! You can see before and after pictures from Alina’s clients in this gallery.

Facial Gym is ideal for women (or men) in their 40s and 50s who have already stared to show signs of ageing but it’s helpful at all adult ages. If you’re anything like me and believe in prevention it’s never too early to start learning how to best look after your skin and avoiding strains that will result in losing that freshness of youth prematurely — better to be safe than sorry!


Each Facial Gym session is priced at £35 but reduced rates are negotiable for long courses.  To find out more or book a consultation visit www.facialgym.co.uk

Facial Gym, 41-42 London Wall, EC2M 5TB

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