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Published on January 7th, 2015 | by Lumy George


Crib de Rib, South Kensington

Crib de Rib, South Kensington Lumy George

Summary: Full of flavour doesn’t quite do the ribs justice. It is absolutely delicious, with rich notes that dance across the pallet as if to the tune of the soft relaxing jazz playing in the background


Amazing Ribs

Have you ever walked into somewhere that completely took your breath away? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across an item you’ve resigned yourself to as lost or caught the perfect sunrise on your way home from a boozy night out. In another sense, simply the contrast between two places can be just as thrilling, like a sweltering hot day and then jumping into a pool. No doubt with the current weather, we are all wishing for a moment such as this. Opening a gift and seeing exactly what you asked Father Christmas for, or arriving home after a long trip to find all the family around the fireplace, with the scent of mulled wine in the air and the biggest hug awaiting you from Mum. Walking into the refurbished Crib De Rib, Gloucester Road, on a cold, wet and windy evening a few weeks ago, that was exactly the feeling I had. It was like I’d stepped into a capsule, one side was life, work and our renowned British weather. The other side, through the doors a warm world of tranquility, sophistication and decadence, almost as if one had stepped straight into the 1980’s.

Following a recent full refurbishment, the restaurant now oozed class. Every detail had been considered and worked to create an atmosphere that makes you want to stay, makes you want to relax and clearly the most important of all, makes you long to experience the food. Exposed brick brings a rustic unpretentiousness to the establishment, whilst grand chandeliers provide lighting that bounce of the dark wood furnishings. Seating is comfortably spaced providing dinners with intimacy yet an area close to the bar allows for those who may prefer to come in for a nice cocktail. A wide staircase leads downstairs to an additional room with a small bar, open kitchen and towards the rear, two private dining areas. There seems to be a conscious effort to fuse the retro feel of the 80’s with more modern artistic times.

Following a look through the menu and orders being placed, I was able to sit back and relax whilst sipping on a ‘Le Fruit Defendu’. Looking around, others like myself seem to be taking in the ambiance and allowing it to whisk them away into the conversations and moments they were sharing.

Starters arrived swiftly; we had ordered the crab tian and chilli squid, both of which looked stylish on the plate. The crab was a 7 layered art type masterpiece, constructed using white and brown crab meat, avocado, tomato, gem lettuce and apple. All elements worked together perfectly creating a flavourful, balanced yet rich dish. After trying the squid, there really was no separating the two. Each piece of squid had a delicate light yet crispy coating. Rather than overpower the flavour of the squid, it enhanced it. Whilst the chilli was visibly evident through the dish, it offered an after-kick to the light squid taste in ones mouth. The genius of the dish being that one was allowed the opportunity to enjoy the flavor of the squid before feeling the heat from the chilli. With the starters finished and thoroughly enjoyed, the anticipation for the mains could begin.

Naturally, I felt somewhat obliged to have the famed beef rib, a choice I must say that was by no means forced upon me. Accompanying me, my brother enjoyed the sirloin steak. Now when it comes to theatre and signature dishes, both these in my opinion were fully representative of Crib de Rib. They arrived on wooden boards making the meat the clear centerpiece. On the menu, one is advised that the rib has been marinated in a special sauce and then cooked for a further four hours. The care and attention taken to prepare this piece of meat is evident in its taste. Full of flavour doesn’t quite do it justice. It is absolutely delicious, with rich notes that dance across the pallet as if to the tune of the soft relaxing jazz playing in the background. The long cooking time leaves the meat soft and delicate, falling apart with minimal effort. With sides of an apple & carrot slaw, crispy potatoes and four sauces, the dish more than lives up to pressure evoked by the name above the door.

Crib De Rib

The steak was defiantly not going to be outdone. With a rich depth that only comes from a quality piece of meat cooked to perfection, I found myself attempting in vein to get a comment from my guest, whilst his focus was solely on the meat. Safe to say he loved it so much so that I wasn’t even given a taste.

Dessert was as imagined, a triumph. Due to our earlier carnivorous overload, we elected to share one. Our waitress kindly recommended the banana ripple cheesecake and whilst I’m not the biggest banana fan, the dessert in concept intrigued me. Yet again as with the whole experience, it tasted amazing. The first mouthful sent slow banana hits through the senses; one that wasn’t overbearing but seemed to intensify the more I had. Although by now I felt like I physically couldn’t move, try as I may, I just couldn’t stop. The cream was the perfect foil for the banana meaning it was never overpowering. Not to say that the whole meal won’t blow your mind but this dessert is worth a trip alone.

Competing against some very fine establishments in and around the South Kensington area, this chic classy restaurant for me, more than holds its own. It offers diners first and foremost, fabulous food, made from quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. The venue acts as a well-measured canvas for this masterpiece, with every element seamlessly connected together. For an evening of escapism, look no further than Crib de Rib.


Crib de Rib, 1-3 Gloucester Rd, SW7 4PP

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