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Published on September 28th, 2015 | by Francesca Baker


City Dash

“I’ve signed us up to the casual one, it’ll be fine – just a chilled out treasure hunt”.  I reassured my friend worrying as to whether her energy levels and attire were suitable for our City Dash that afternoon. As we sat having lunch before, we swotted up on the background. The emails that had been drip fed through over the previous 24 hours informed us that Malice and his evil gang were going to take London over, and it was our job to stop him.

And so that’s how we ended up running around Shoreditch on a Sunday afternoon, hiding in bushes, rolling on pavements and scrubbing for clues in alleyways. Similar to orienteering, we were sent to locations by clues; to find hidden codes that when punched into our phones would gain us points.

City Dash 3

The briefing, downstairs in a bar in Hoxton, set us up with ID numbers, a map, and images of the guards who would be on our tales. Their swift pace and dogged tenacity once they copped sight of you turned a challenging mental puzzle in a dramatic paced event (their black and white uniform also meant that every time we walked past the bouncer of a bar we started to dart away, just in case).

Our casual walk became short sprints. Our nonchalant approach soon turned fiery and competitive. But as we ran through playgrounds, shouted each other’s names, breathlessly tried to explain what we were doing to confused onlookers, and high fived our successes the smiles got bigger and bigger.

City Dash 2

A combination of speed, stealth and open mindedness, City Dash is a super fun way to spend a couple of hours with friends. Taking place across London (and Manchester, Melbourne, San Francisco, Berlin… ) this October they are running a night time dash – Shadow Over Shoreditch – which promises to add a whole other dimension to the game.

For tickets and information on future events visit https://citydash.net/game

City Dash

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