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Published on January 26th, 2015 | by Gavin


Christabel’s Edible Playground Supper Club

I received countless clips around the ear growing up for playing with my food. Being an only child, spaghetti hoops were often the closest thing I had to having a friend round for tea, so it was a bit disappointing when I was told to stop. But last week I was invited to a supper club where guests are actively encouraged to play with their food, without fearing the wrath of my mum- at long last!

The Edible Playground is the latest supper club concept by Christabel Beeson, creators of some of the most unusual pop up events including the Mad Hatter’s Brunch, Cocktails n Crack, and the Seaside Supper.  The club is held in a stylish East London flat where we are greeted by a glass of Prosecco, glittery purple popcorn and the promise of three courses to follow.

Snakes and Ladders Edible Playground

We are seated with roughly 20 other excited guests eager to get playing.  We begin with Snakes and Ladders aka cheese on rye bread with carrot ladders and bell pepper snakes.  The healthy course is made all the more competitive by my dining partner and I rolling a die and using the popcorn to transcend the cheddar board.

There is a mini bucket and spade on our table and after hazarding numerous guesses as to the purpose (including searching for a sand pit), all was revealed with the second course- build your own quinoa castle and painted chicken.  Christabel informs us to be as innovative as we can as the best creation will win a prize.  Alongside the bucket and spade we have a paintbrush, purple boiled egg and sliced vegetables to help build our masterpieces.  After much thought I decide on a castle, moat, and drawbridge design; but despite my hard graft, my final product is more kindergarten than Da Vinci.

Quinoa Castle

In spite of my dismal efforts, the final course of the evening more than makes up for it, chocolate mousse with shortbread soldiers and Lego chocolate bricks.  A fantastically fun finale that tops an already novel supper club concept.

Chocolate Lego Soldiers

Christabel’s is set for an even bigger 2015 with more themed pop ups planned throughout the year; to find out what she has planned next, visit http://www.christabels.org/upcoming-pop-ups/

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