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Published on March 30th, 2014 | by Gavin


Bunnychow, Shoreditch

The legend of the mysterious Bunnychow is one of intrigue and wonder.  The story begins in Durban, South Africa where some clever soul decided to hollow out a loaf of bread and fill it with curry.  The result was awesome and this day will forever be known as the day that Bunny Chow was born.

A Londoner went on holiday to South Africa and like many locals before him, fell in love with this culinary phenomenon.  Upon returning to the UK he decided that he couldn’t live without Bunny Chow in his life and decided to share it with foodies far and wide.  They purchased a van and begun selling ‘bunnies’ at street food festivals around London in a variety of meat and vegetable fillings.

Discerning Londoners took to Bunnychow just as well as South Africans did, and the whispers of the legend soon turned to thunderous bellows.  It was all too much for one little van to handle, so in November 2013, the team invested in Bricks and Mortar at the Shoreditch Boxpark and this is where my personal Bunnychow story begins.

With my love of food and Instagram, I have enviously drooled over my phone seeing others enjoying Bunnychow at Open East, Liberty Festival and Future Cinema, but never had the opportunity to find the van.  However when I found out that they opened a permanent unit in Boxpark Shoreditch, I let out a little yelp of delight.

Bunnychow menu

I arrive at the small unit at the perfect time as it’s after the lunchtime rush but before the post work stomach liner.  On the menu there are a choice of 5 ‘bunnies’, a burger, hot dog, or ricotta.  I take my time over what I’m going to order (this is a significant moment for me), but eventually decide on the most popular bunny; the Monkey Gland.

In the Monkey Gland, the famed Bunnychow loaf is filled to the brim with meatballs, sweet peppers and a signature sweet BBQ sauce.  Although on first appearance it doesn’t look too threatening, the challenge comes when deciding how to tackle the damn thing.

Bunny Chow

My initial thought is to pick it up, but as I’m wearing a crisp white shirt, I decide against it.  My next option is to use the top loaf as a makeshift spoon / scoop, which worked until I ended up eating the spoon.  My final method is to simply use a fork to eat the filling, followed by stuffing my face with all the delicious gravy soaked bread (so wrong, but felt so right).

If that wasn’t enough, they have recently introduced a Bunnychow Muffin aka the Buffin.  Following the same formula as the loaves, these muffins have had the innards scooped out and replaced with a gooey, scrumptious middle.  I go for the Breaking Bad Buffin filled with chocolate custard and sprinkled with…no, not crystal meth, but an equally delectable topping of peppermint crystals.

Bunny Chow Buffin

It’s easy to see why Bunnychow is so popular for lunch because although I was full, I wasn’t overly bloated or sluggish as a result.  I’m pleased to say the reality lived up to the reputation, and I’m now officially part of the Bunnychow revolution.


Bunnychow, Boxpark Shoreditch, 2 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6HT.  To find out where the van will be parked up next, please see the website for details.

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