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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


Ben’s Canteen Sunday Sessions

Remember the emotions that Sunday used to evoke? That dull impending doom of school the next morning… the thought of unfinished homework nagging you like a three day hangover, the musical intro of Antiques Roadshow; bath night; watching Monarch of the Glen in a futile attempt to forget that Monday was right around the corner.

And somehow, despite the fact we’re now kind of – almost – adults, then these feelings of Sunday sadness remain. Well, it’s okay, because we have a way to combat these feelings of melancholy. Ben’s Canteen has come to the rescue, with the Sunday Sessions.

If you haven’t yet been to either of the Canteens, then you’re missing out. Both the Battersea and the Earlsfield branches have been met with huge approval, quickly gathering fans from all over London. Their brunches are famous (people willingly queue for over an hour to sample the Eggs Piggs Out and a Bloody Mary at the branch on St John’s Hill), and their evening menu embraces all things creatively cocktail, with delicious food and snacks that are perfect for grazing. The atmosphere is relaxed, chilled, and the onus is on having a good time.

Which is why the Sunday Sessions look set to be such a hit. The idea? To extend the weekend that little bit longer, naturally. A special menu has come into play, which offers drinks perfect for sharing with friends, and food inspired by the BBQ season of summer.


One boozing option that can’t fail is the DIY G&T Boards. For under £40, get half a bottle of gin, ice, tonic, and garnishes like lemon, rosemary and blueberry to construct your own leisurely cocktails, as the shadows grow longer. There are also Sunday Session jugs, including Pimms, Apple Mojito and Aperol Spritz, all for £15, and buckets of cider and beer. Sundays are more manageable when experienced with pals and alcohol, you see.

On to the food, and the menu will have you making sure you don’t take that extra Yorkshire at lunch, just so you can have a bit more space. Some of the much loved favourites make an appearance – we adore the DIY guacamole, which is basically a chance to mush your frustration out on avocado and then scoop your creamy green dip up with crunchy tortillas. There are halloumi skewers, Cajun prawn sliders and pulled pork nachos too.

Bens Canteen Pulled Pork Burger

The BBQ inspired dishes are your typical, ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it offerings – a lamb dog with BBQ sauce and a rocket and buttermilk poppyseed dressing; a Shorthorn steak; and those awesome burgers. Served in brioche and arriving like towering totems to burger perfection, we gave the pulled pork and posh fried chicken a taste. The pulled pork was succulent, indulgent and practically melted into the brioche, while the chicken was deliciously crispy on the outside with a tender white centre. It had an almost mustard-seed kick to the batter (soooo well-seasoned), and was pretty darn massive. Add in a side of sweet potato fries and it was a meal of Man vs Food epic proportions.

The best way to finish? With some of those DIY donuts. Play doctor by filling your own miniature, sugar dusted donuts with the three fillings of chocolate, strawberry jam and vanilla custard. So much and absolutely stonkingly yummy too.

Ben Canteen Doughnuts

So there we go. The conclusion of the weekend is no longer a thing to be daunted by – shake off the shackles of Sunday misery and grab a bunch of friends, head to Ben’s Canteen, and put thoughts of Monday morning out of your head for a few hours more at least.

Ben’s Canteen has branches in Battersea and Earlsfield

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