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Published on November 2nd, 2014 | by Rebecca Anne Milford


Backyard Cinema: Zombie Apocalypse

“Make sure you don’t touch anything,” Peter, our ‘guidance counselor’ advises. He points to a bubbling flask, then to a suspicious looking pipette. “I’m not sure what that is boiling over there. Whereas that liquid… almost definitely blood.”

We follow him through the small laboratory room into the draughty research facility, passing a poster entitled ‘In the event of zombie attack…. 3 steps to surviving infestation.’ There are flashing lights, armed guards standing sentry, and a hideous moaning and screeching coming from the next room…

This is the Backyard Cinema’s immersive Zombie Apocalypse experience – 4 hours of entertainment, action, and a racing pulse.

It’s all great fun, although there still a slight case of palm-sweating nerves. But it’s no different to the adrenaline rush received when watching a horror film, and this is where Backyard Cinema have a winning formula.

Witches are so 90’s and vampires have been slightly tarnished by the whole teen-scene, but the new horror fad is zombies. Yep, events involving those brain-gobbling monsters are taking the country by storm, and with the Zombie Apocalypse experience then you get all the terror of a zombie attack, as well as the chance to enjoy a great film (linked to the undead, naturally), capped off with a right old knees up in the form of an End of the World Party.

We arrive at just before 7pm, at a warehouse near Hackney Wick. The experience starts immediately (beware if you have problems with authority, as you’ll be expected to give the Sergeant proper respect…) and then we head up to the Mess Room where, along with the other lucky survivors, we’ve been told to hang out while we wait for the army.

Luckily, the end of the world has been suitably catered for in the form of hearty, tasty burritos and chilli laden nachos from Benito’s Hat, and beer from Brooklyn Brewery. There is also an assortment of cocktails or wine to wet you whistle. We sit around, tucking into our ‘rations’, chatting with other survivors, and watching the camo-clad soldiers and doctors in white coats whispering among themselves. An air of nervous excitement hangs in the air.

Then, just as everyone seems to be finishing their drinks and getting antsy, a soldier asks us to report to the doctor, after which we head into the aforementioned laboratory and the real fun begins…

Not having been to an ‘immersive’ experience before, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’m pleased it say it exceeded my expectations – despite the fact there must have to be SO much organisation surrounding this event, there were never periods of waiting… in fact each portion of the evening felt perfectly accounted for. We have a chance to see zombies up close; we heard about the weapons needed to survive; then we were ordered into our ‘instructional film’. Whichever you choose  – either terrifying (Evil Dead) or humorous (Shaun of the Dead), is watched on comfortable red sofas with a cosy throw. We spent a riotous couple of hours enjoying Zombieland – and then, when the credits had rolled, the scariest part of the night commenced… needless to say there were several screams, my heart was in my mouth, and my friend was frantically clutching the stranger in front. We definitely deserved another few beers afterwards.

So, if you’re looking for a great, unique evening with a bit of fear-factor thrown in then you can’t beat Backyard Cinema. Come with mates and make the most of the End of the World party, or bring a romantic interest for the ideal date night. After all, who can beat dinner, a movie, and, er, zombies?

Backyard Cinema Zombie Apocalypse

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