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Appleton Rum: From Jamaica with Love

Rum, Jamaica, and Love go hand in hand. The sounds of Bob Marley on a white sand beach while eating jerk chicken washed down with a Mai Tai isn’t a pipe dream, it really does happen on this paradise island. So it’s no wonder that Jamaica, and arguably the Caribbean’s, most popular rum has decided to use the island for their new ad campaign ‘From Jamaica with Love’.

Appleton Estate is one of the world’s oldest distilleries established in 1749 and to coincide with the campaign, the range is going through an update. Well I call it an update but it’s more like going back to their roots with the rums heritage now plastered over the packaging for all to see. From the moniker ‘Crafted in the Heart of Jamaica’ to the prominently placed 1749 sticker, Appleton Estate’s patriotism can’t be disputed!

Don’t panic, the liquid remains exactly the same; it’s just the branding going through the change. Appleton Estate V/X will become Signature Blend and Appleton Estate 12 Year Old is Rare Blend, however the biggest change is that 8 Year Old is being discontinued and replaced by Reserve Blend.

This news hit like a hammer to the chest because the 8 Year Old has long been my ‘go to’ weekday sipper; smoother than V/X Signature Blend which I use to mix with ginger beer and lime, but not so expensive that I only bring it out on the weekend and keep hidden out of sight of loved ones (that’s the job of 12 Year Old Rare Blend). It is replaced by the similarly branded Reserve Blend, which doesn’t have an age statement but I’ve been reliably informed that it contains a blend of rums no younger than four years old.

Although heartbroken, I plucked up the courage to taste the Reserve Blend at the From Jamaica with Love launch event last week in The Shard. I didn’t find it as smooth as my beloved 8 Year Old, but it was still full of character and created a more than decent Mai Tai.

Alongside the rebranding comes a video entitled ‘From Cane to Cup’ showing the fields of the Nassau Valley that make the golden liquid we all love. Having visited the Estate last year, it really is as beautiful as the video makes out and well worth an excursion if you’re lucky enough to holiday on the island.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a massive Appleton fan and to be honest, it could be called Appleton Anthrax Blend and my love for it wouldn’t falter. Fortunately I’m a fan of the redesign and with rum this good, others will soon discover why the campaign is called ‘From Jamaica with Love’.


If you want to try the full Appleton Estate range, there will be a Twitter tasting hosted by the Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell and Appleton Senior Blender, David Morrison on 14th October 2015. This will be an opportunity for over 200 consumers to take part in the UK’s largest ever consumer rum tasting, follow @AppletonRumUK on twitter for more details.

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