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What is a Londoner?

Right, let’s resolve this once and for all as there is a lot of confusion about what a Londoner actually is.  Do you have to live in Zones 1-3?  Own an Oyster card?  Taken a fall off a Boris Bike?  Be blissfully ignorant of anywhere north of Watford Gap?

Well, here at ImALondoner.com, we’ve decided that a Londoner is anyone that lives, works, or plays within the confines of the M25.  If you disagree with our definition, get in touch via Twitter!

So now that’s settled, what’s ImALondoner.com all about?

Our mission is to become the number one source for Londoners looking for an incredible day out.

Created for Londoners by Londoners, ImALondoner.com is dedicated to helping fellow city dwellers find unique socialising opportunities, new openings, and reviews of bars and restaurants of all shapes and sizes.  And we’ve even included a handy event calendar so you can plan your week accordingly.  We pride ourselves on giving honest feedback and have visited EVERY venue we’ve reviewed.

Why don’t you have any bad reviews?

Our philosophy is that we only feature what’s hot in London.  We’re here is promote the best our great city has to offer, not to trash the bad places.  If we visit somewhere truly awful, we won’t write about it.

Owner Bio

Born and raised in Croydon, South London, ImALondoner.com was founded by amateur blogger Gavin De Costa.  He has lived in London his entire life apart from a brief 3 year stint in Manchester to study Economics at university, where he learnt to party hard.  A lover of cocktails, passionate foodie, and a self-proclaimed ‘dancing god’; Gavin is a normal guy that decided to write about his experiences around the city he loves.

He began his blogging career with Blood, Sweat and Fashion online magazine in 2011 and still freelance writes for a number of publications as well as editing for ImALondoner.com.  Follow him on Twitter @Gavin_ImALDNer and contact him via email on Gavin@ImALondoner.com


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