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LDN Experiences

Pure Massage 2

Detox Pure Massage, Mayfair

Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Tatei Montejo

The summer is without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite season. Days get warmer, skin gets darker and life gets better. But what’s also undeniable is that it’s also a hectic time. Holidays, festivals, long weekends and our determination to enjoy the milder temperatures rain or shine, result in very limited time left for work and life admin—and I don’t know about you, but my work only gets busier in the sunnier months! I find that the trick for coping with a packed schedule is to ensure you make time for yourself; whether it’s yoga, knitting or reading a good book that does it for you. I’ve recently discovered ... Read More

West London

The Meat Co Shepherds Bush

The Meat Co, Shepherd’s Bush

Published on August 24th, 2015 | by Clarissa Waldron

Passing by the Meat Co. outside Westfield’s Shepherd’s Bush you could be forgiven for thinking it was a suave gastro bar, in fact, unless you throw your eyes to heaven you might just miss out on the delights that are really on offer here. The Meat Co, an African steakhouse restaurant, is what you might call hidden in plain sight. While it operates a fantastic looking bar and outdoor seating area on ground level, its upstairs is where the real indulgence takes place. This Shepherd’s Bush location prides itself on being the only British faction of the popular South African Meat Company which has branches as far away as Abu ... Read More

South London

Village East Lunch

Village East’s Lunch Collection Service, Bermondsey

Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Greg Dillon

Lunch for most Londoners nowadays this is the time of day you either assemble a raft of salad elements you’ve brought in from home in separate zip lock bags or you go out and sink near enough a tenner on an Itsu or three items from Pret. Village East is not a new place, I remember going there for dinner with one of my sisters where I enjoyed a delightful burger about four years ago so I was keen to visit the former textile factory and domestic residence again to see what had happened in the proceeding years. The place looked quite familiar, cosy and had a nice feeling about it despite, at 1pm, there ... Read More

Just Opened


Briefs: The Second Coming

Published on August 17th, 2015 | by Sophie Coulthard

Consider yourself a seasoned Londoner up till now, barely fazed by burlesque and pretty nonchalant about butlers in the buff? Think again. Briefs is back in town from its native Australia for its new show: The Second Coming…and it’s exactly how it sounds. Utterly outrageous, toe-curlingly risqué and gloriously un-PC, the performance troupe with a difference blends a mind boggling array of circus skills with some of the most unexpectedly elegant yet provocative burlesque you’re likely to see in the capital. The all-male, gender bending cast is made up of seven key performers who assume a myriad of characters to surprise and delight their lucky audience. Drag queen hostess and ... Read More


Appleton Estate From Jamaica with Love

Appleton Rum: From Jamaica with Love

Published on August 14th, 2015 | by Gavin

Rum, Jamaica, and Love go hand in hand. The sounds of Bob Marley on a white sand beach while eating jerk chicken washed down with a Mai Tai isn’t a pipe dream, it really does happen on this paradise island. So it’s no wonder that Jamaica, and arguably the Caribbean’s, most popular rum has decided to use the island for their new ad campaign ‘From Jamaica with Love’. Appleton Estate is one of the world’s oldest distilleries established in 1749 and to coincide with the campaign, the range is going through an update. Well I call it an update but it’s more like going back to their roots with the ... Read More

Central London

Suvlaki Athenian Grill

Suvlaki Athenian Grill, Soho

Published on August 12th, 2015 | by Gavin

Authentic Greek kebabs are few and far between in London. Having spent a number of summer holidays on the Greek islands, I’ve longed for the day when proper pita wraps reached our shores. I had grown tired after years of fruitless searching, but after attending the launch of Suvlaki Athenian Grill in Soho last month, I think my prayers have finally been answered. Suvlaki is the brainchild of Yannis Theodorakakos, a former finance exec who is dedicated to bringing the Athenian street food experience to a London audience.  The kitchen is headed up by Chef Elias Mamalakis, a popular TV personality and published author, so there is plenty of pedigree ... Read More



Eventbrite Summerschool with Chase Distillery

Published on August 10th, 2015 | by Clarissa Waldron

Would you get out of bed to sample premium vodka at 8:00 in the morning before work? Would your stomach even be able to handle it? What would your boss say if he smelled your boozy breath as you arrived into the office? Well throwing caution to the wind, that’s exactly what we did one beautiful morning last week. Rocking up to Pizza Pilgrims in the fabulous Kingly Court (check it out) at an impressive 7.45am we were treated to some juice and croissants to line the stomach before taking part in a vodka and gin masterclass with Chase Distillery. The class kicked off with James Chase giving background to ... Read More

LDN Experiences

Sky high Yoga 1

Sky High Yoga at Sky Garden

Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Sophie Coulthard

With the blossoming trend of ‘yoga with a view’ continuing to sweep across London, we checked out Sky Garden’s Sky High Yoga to see if achieving zen to a breathtaking city landscape was worth the 6.30am start (groan). Running on Wednesdays and Thursdays until mid September, the sessions are held by Flex London’s Issy Scobie, and are surprisingly cheap at just £10 a pop; much more reasonable than any of its competitors. Nestled amongst Sky Garden’s famed tropical greenery, yogis can salute the sun as it rises behind the Gherkin and other London landmarks and end the session with a complimentary Love Taste smoothie. On paper it sounds like the sort of way ... Read More

Just Opened


Qcumber Presents: Classics on the Canal

Published on August 6th, 2015 | by Clarissa Waldron

There’s something quintessentially British about hopping aboard a canal barge in the summer months to take in lush bankside scenery. It’s even better when there’s food and drink aboard. Of course owning and maintaining your own barge is a costly affair – similar to owning a house and a car all in one. For most of us, it’s out of the question. However over the next two weeks you could very easily find yourself stepping on to a London riverboat, thanks to mineral water brand Qcumber, while taking in a hidden side of the city as you sip cocktails, nibble canapés and travel along the historic waterways of Regent’s Canal. ... Read More

East London

PizzaBuzz Shoreditch

PizzaBuzz, Shoreditch

Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Sophie Coulthard

Fresh in the Shoreditch neighbourhood comes PizzaBuzz, a pizza pimping eatery in the Alphabeta development on Worship Street that offers customised pizzas to eat in, take away or to be delivered locally (perfect for that office lunch al-desko). Starting with a variety of bases (the Focaccia gets our vote), customers can then choose from a selection of cheeses, proteins and vegetables to build their perfect pizza. Fancy something a bit, well, fancy? Ditch the usual Hawaiian classic and test drive some of their premium toppings – white fig, clams or bacon jam are a darn sight better than any extra toppings you can get at Domino’s. The salad bar offers ... Read More

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