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LDN Experiences

Ceremony Fest

Ceremony Festival 2015, Finsbury Park

Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by Tatei Montejo

This year’s August bank holiday would have been my fifth spent raving at SW4. But the time comes when you have to grow up and realise family weddings come before festivals, so I had to give it a miss. Truth be told, it wasn’t easy. I heard about Ceremony and I tend to love anything that the Found Series does, so thought it could make a great alternative and I wasn’t wrong! Billed as the last London festival of the summer, the pressure was on… The sun was out on Saturday 12th September which is always a great start. It was my first festival in Finsbury Park and I enjoyed ... Read More

LDN Experiences

Geisha Ramusake

Geisha at Ramusake, South Kensington

Published on September 30th, 2015 | by Sophia Longhi

Like me, have you arrived late to the party? Did you assume that ‘festive dining’ was reserved for the month of December only, and involved paper crowns, pulling crackers and some dry renditions of Paxo stuffing balls? Well, like me, you’d be wrong. Festive dining is something that is taking the social sphere by storm. La Villa Romana and Brasserie des Arts in Saint Tropez, Sass Café in Monaco and Mangeoire in Courchevel all have been successful at introducing the concept, which allows customers to eat, drink, dance, chat and party with their friends in the same venue all night. Of all places in London, festive dining has arrived in ... Read More

LDN Experiences

City Dash1

City Dash

Published on September 28th, 2015 | by Francesca Baker

“I’ve signed us up to the casual one, it’ll be fine – just a chilled out treasure hunt”.  I reassured my friend worrying as to whether her energy levels and attire were suitable for our City Dash that afternoon. As we sat having lunch before, we swotted up on the background. The emails that had been drip fed through over the previous 24 hours informed us that Malice and his evil gang were going to take London over, and it was our job to stop him. And so that’s how we ended up running around Shoreditch on a Sunday afternoon, hiding in bushes, rolling on pavements and scrubbing for clues ... Read More

LDN Experiences


A Breath of Aer, Gloucester Road

Published on September 23rd, 2015 | by Tatei Montejo

I’m not normally the biggest fan of blow dries. Unlike some women who think of them as their secret weapon and would never dare turn up at a business meeting or social gathering with natural locks, I believe they can make you look dated and too polished, aka boring. This is why I haven’t gone too crazy about the innumerable blow bars that have been popping up around London in recent months. But Aer is different in that they offer a variety of styles, not just stuffy à la Kate Middleton bouncy tresses, and that the stylish salon is not only great to sit back and relax, but is also ... Read More


Angostura 1824 Rum

Rum Experience Week 12-18 October

Published on September 16th, 2015 | by Gavin

I’ve been an avid supporter of UK Rumfest since its humble beginnings nine years ago. I’ve enjoyed it more and more each year with my only gripe being that the event only lasts two days. Well it would seem my rants spamming the @Rumfest twitter feed have been listened to with the launch of the first ever Rum Experience WEEK! Monday 12th till Sunday 18th October sees London turn into a mecca for all things rum with cookery classes, live music, cigar pairings and much more. London venues hosting events throughout the week include Soho institution Gerry’s Wines and Spirits, Mayfair tiki bar Mahiki and luxury Blackfriars champagne and cigar ... Read More

Central London

Caphe Pho Smithfield

Caphe Pho, Smithfield

Published on September 14th, 2015 | by Clarissa Waldron

The start of summer saw Bermondsey stalwart Caphe House say farewell to life south of the river after six years and make the journey to the dominion of suited city workers. On setting up in Farringdon’s Smithfield Street, the Vietnamese restaurant changed its name to Caphe Pho in a fitting tribute to its star dish. And the folks at Caphe Pho are certainly proud purveyors of their homeland’s noodle soup, offering two variations, in an array of filling choices including Tofu and Shitake, and boasting a dedicated preparation time of 12 hours. A sense of pride in what they do is evident at Caphe Pho and at first entry we were impressed ... Read More

Just Opened

Pork Meatballs Maiora

Maiora Pop Up, Stoke Newington

Published on September 10th, 2015 | by Ben Southwood

Maiora is a collaborative residency project between two chefs: Pattra Praepath, who is Thai; and Cuong Lu, who is Vietnamese. It’s not really trying to be fusion cuisine, but it can’t really help it, simply because their influences shine through so clearly. The dishes we ate – there were something like eight of them – were all takes on the South East Asian classics you’re used to. It’s stuff you know, but better. The residency is in a cocktail bar—Muddle & Swing—which is right in the vein of London cocktail bars nowadays. Dark, small (20 covers or fewer), and sells six or seven standard, well-chosen cocktails (think Whisky Sour and Negroni) ... Read More

Just Opened

Pecking Order Stanmore

Pecking Order, Stanmore

Published on September 8th, 2015 | by Sophia Longhi

Living at pretty much the end of the Central Line (the Northest North of the Eastest East), I’ve never had much reason to ever visit Stanmore (the Northest North of the Westest West of the Jubilee). However, when I heard of its newest addition to its delicately blossoming restaurant scene, Pecking Order, I was inclined to get out City Mapper and request my route. The reason? I like chicken restaurants. My ears prick at the words ‘It’s a chicken restaurant’ and I have been to many that London has to offer. Bird, Chicken Shop, Clockjack… all good. And I don’t rule out Nando’s either (it took a few times to ... Read More

Just Opened

Fire Station Waterloo

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Published on September 3rd, 2015 | by Gavin

Situated in what was once the Lambeth fire house, The Fire Station is one of the most iconic building’s in Waterloo, and arguably as important to the local scene as The Old Vic (everyone needs a good drink, right?!). If you’ve been to The Fire Station then you will know what I’m talking about, but if not, now is the perfect time because they’ve just gone through a much needed makeover. The Fire Station made its name in the 1980s as a popular after work hangout for local business people and large groups of friends looking for a lively atmosphere. So with over 30 years’ service, the place was in ... Read More

West London

Iddu South Kensington

Iddu, South Kensington

Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Clarissa Waldron

I first heard of Iddu earlier this summer after a disastrous review featured in the Guardian. At the time I amusingly chalked it down to ‘a bad day at the office’ – on both sides. When I’m A Londoner was invited in for an Iddu experience to coincide with the launch of its granita menu, I was intrigued. How would the restaurant fare following such dismissal in the eyes of one of the world’s biggest publications? Not very well truth be told. On the face of it, Iddu seems a neat, chic and slightly pretentious Sicilian eatery, trying to fit in amongst the other boutique independent facades that South Kensington ... Read More

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